1. Umbra Hangit Photo Display

    Show off your best snaps with this designer hanging photo frame!
  2. Umbra Flip Hook - White

    A sleek and stylish white wall mounted coat hanger from Umbra.
  3. Umbra Gridart Photo Display

    Create a unique display with this square white multi aperture frame!
  4. Umbra Hangit Photo Display - Natural

    Get clipping with this unique designer memo holder!
  5. Umbra Woodrow Waste Bin - White

    Add soft style with this white wash natural paper trash can!
  6. Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - Small

    Treat your book collection to a little lift with this floating bookshelf!
  7. Flat Face 21 Multi Photo Frame

    Boost your decor with this large white collage picture frame!
  8. Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover - White

    Add some fun to your tissue boxes with this house-shaped cover from Umbra!
  9. Umbra Skinny Bin - Metallic White

    This space-saving waste bin from Umbra can fit into the tiniest of gaps
  10. Copper Wire Dish Rack

    Give your sink area a stylish edge with this metal dish drainer!
  11. Wild and Wolf Lobby Phone

    Impress your friends and family with this striking 1930s lobby telephone.

    Was: £64.00

    Now: £45.00

  12. Umbra T-Frame T-Shirt Frame

    Store, save and display your favourite t-shirts in this unusual frame!
  13. Jumbo Cutlery Drainer - Grey

    Make washing up fun with this grey designer elephant cutlery drainer!
  14. LSA Polka Champagne Glasses - Metallic - Set of 4

    Add glamour to your special occasions with these metallic coloured champagne flutes!
  15. Maggiore XXI Multi Photo Frame - White

    Display 11 of your favourite photos with this unique design from Innova!
  16. Umbra Flip 3 Hook - White

    Keep your hallway neat and tidy with the help of this white modern coat rack!
  17. Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - Large

    Create your own floating library effect in a swish! Wingardium Leviosa!
  18. Umbra Flip Hook - Natural

    A designer wall mounted coat hanger in a natural finish by Umbra.
  19. Thomas Kent Camden Clock Slate - 20 inch

    This stylish clock in deep slate grey is a chic feature for any room.
  20. Umbra Prisma Photo Frame 4x6 - Copper

    Add a sense of metallic elegance to your home with this copper wire picture frame!
  21. Wild and Wolf 746 Phone - French Blue

    Add some chic to your room with this blue retro telephone!
  22. Umbra Flip 8 Hook White

    This usefully large stark white hallway coat rack is ideal for any home.
  23. Black Paper Towel - Renova Kitchen Roll

    Stylish, sophisticated, luxuirious and totally unique - black kitchen roll!
  24. Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set

    Use colour to organise your culinary space, with the 33cm Index Chopping Board Set!
  25. Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - Set of 3

    Bring some magic to your walls with these floating book shelves!
  26. Umbra Luna Photo Art Display - White

    The Umbra Luna Photo Art Display is a multi photo frame like no other!
  27. Eric the Memo Elephant

    Never forget again with this white elephant dry-wipe desk accessory!
  28. Nextime Hands Clock - Black

    Big time time-telling with this mininmalist black clock!
  29. Fixie Pizza Cutter - Bumblebee

    Take your pizza-cutting escapades up a gear with this bike shaped pizza slicer!
  30. Maggiore V Multi Picture Frame

    Add interest to the wall with this designer black multi photo frame.
  31. Thomas Kent Camden Clock Slate - 12 inch

    A great timepiece for any room, this Thomas Kent clock is splendid in slate.
  32. Shake 7 Multi Photo Frame

    Make the most of your photos with this white tower wall frame!
  33. Blomus Cioso Wine Rack

    The Blomus Ciosos is the last word in designer wall mounted wine racks!

    Was: £49.00

    Now: £39.00

  34. Renova Purple Toilet Paper - Pack of 6

    Luxurious purple toilet paper.
  35. Wild and Wolf 746 Phone - English Mustard

    Bring classic colour to your home with this retro yellow phone!
  36. Grey Rubber Washing Up Bowl

    Compliment your minimalist kitchen with this grey rubber washing up bowl!
  37. Umbra Luna Photo Art Display - Black

    Create a dynamic and dramatic display with this round picture frame!
  38. Flat Face 13 Multi Photo Frame

    Add creativity to the walls with this large white collage photo display!
  39. Umbra Corner Can - White

    This modern white corner rubbish bin is ideal for spacially challenged rooms!
  40. Kube Rotating Photo Display

    Create a unique photo slideshow with this spinning photo cube!
  41. Umbra Sticks Coat Rack - White

    Like this wall decor? Like it more for being a coat rack!
  42. Menu Jewellery Tree

    A triumphant combination of gorgeous form and practical function.
  43. Wild and Wolf 302 Desk Phone - Black

    Add this classic designer phone to your desk for instant style!
  44. Umbra Buddy Hooks - Assorted Colours

    Bring life to your interior with these colourful quirky hooks from Umbra!
  45. Umbra Gridart Photo Display - Natural

    Display your favourite instagram snaps with this multi picture frame!
  46. Confetti Coaster Set - Grey

    Keep drink spills at bay with these silicone coasters from Zone Denmark.

    Was: £18.50

    Now: £16.00

  47. Umbra Woodrow Hook

    Never lose your keys again with this sleek wooden shelf with integrated hooks!

    Was: £40.00

    Now: £34.00

  48. Block Magazine Rack - Turquoise

    This bold, bright and breezy beauty is the Block Magazine Rack.
  49. LSA Polka Champagne Glasses - Pastels - Set of 4

    Celebrate every day with these pastel coloured champagne flutes!
  50. Joseph Joseph Totem Recycling Unit - Graphite - 60L

    Separate your waste in style with this intelligent waste kitchen bin!
  51. LSA Boris Decanter

    Enjoy this fine decanter, suitable for both liquor and wine.
  52. Nessie Soup Ladle

    Cook up a storm with this Loch Ness Monster serving spoon.
  53. Umbra Flip 8 Hook Natural

    Hang your coats in style with this Coat Rack with 8 flip-down hooks.
  54. Plug Inn Wall Clock Multi Colour

    Enjoy colourful time telling with this fantastic wall clock!
  55. Umbra Hangit Photo Display - Black

    Create a fabulous creative photo collage with this clothesline wall display!
  56. Flat Face 16 Multi Photo Frame

    Improve your decor with this long white tower photo display!
  57. Wild and Wolf 746 Phone - Petrol Blue

    Who wants modern when you can have a retro designer telephone?
  58. Pola Roll Toilet Paper

    Say goodbye to plain white loo roll with this retro photograph toilet roll from DOIY!
  59. Karlsson Station Classic Wall Clock

    Keep time telling simple with this plain white wall clock.

    Was: £53.00

    Now: £46.00

  60. Confetti Coaster Set - Black

    Protect your surfaces in style with these silicone coasters from Zone Denmark.

    Was: £18.50

    Now: £16.00

  61. Karlsson Alarm Clock Minimal - White

    Wake up in style with the help of this designer copper alarm clock!
  62. Karlsson Little Big Time Clock - Black

    This large hands clock will complement your minimalist interior.
  63. Umbra Buddy Hooks - Lite

    Add some character to your walls with the Umbra Buddy Hooks - Lite!
  64. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

    Make a monster cuppa with this adorable novelty tea strainer!
  65. Suck UK Fire Bucket Ashtray

    Put out those lethal cigarette fires with the Suck UK Fire Bucket Ash Tray!
  66. Open Grid Fruit Basket - Copper

    Add some industrial minimalism with this designer copper fruit bowl!
  67. LSA Polka Wine Glasses - Metallic - Set of 4

    Enjoy your wine in style with this set of 4 metallic coloured wine glasses!
  68. Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set

    Elevate your kitchen interior, with the colourful carousel of nifty utensils!
  69. Giant Thimble Tidy - Silver

    Declutter your creative space in style with this novelty desk tidy!
  70. Wild and Wolf 746 Phone - Concrete Grey

    Add some cool style to the hallway with this classic grey phone!
  71. Plug Inn Wall Clock Black

    Boost the creativity in your home with this stylish 60cm clock.
  72. Umbra Gridart Photo Display - Walnut

    Showcase your favourite snaps with this wonderful grid style photo frame!
  73. Plug Inn Wall Clock Silver

    A 60cm diameter ensures that this funky clock is the star of the show.
  74. Umbra Prisma Photo Frame 4x4 - Copper

    Highlight your favourite Instagram photo with this sleek square photo frame!
  75. Umbra Showcase Shelves

    Give your collectibles, trinkets and toys a little lift with these floating shelves!
  76. Maggiore XV Multi Photo Display - Black

    Get the most out of your photos with this large black multi frame!
  77. Umbra Skinny Bin - Orange

    This designer space-saving waste bin means you won’t have to compromise on space!
  78. Suck UK Sun Jar - Yellow

    Add colour and atmosphere with this designer solar garden light!
  79. Newgate Wimbledon Clock - Arabic

    You'll be sure to love this large 45cm Arabic wooden wall clock!
  80. Koziol Pi:p Plum Wall Clock

    As sweet as a ripened plum, this Koziol clock is gorgeous!


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