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Blackboard Jars Wall Sticker Set


This adorable set of gingham-topped jam jar wall decor is absolutely delightful and makes a fantastic feature in any kitchen or craft room. Fill the Blackboard Jars Wall Sticker Set with recipes, memos, shopping lists, anything you fancy. These blackboard stickers are wipe-clean so you can be as creative as you like with the two sticks of white chalk that are included.

With the gingham accents in pink and blue, the Blackboard Jars Wall Sticker Set is absolutely delightful and they definitely won’t take up any room on your kitchen counter.

Blackboard Jars Wall Sticker Set Specifications

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Dimensions: Each jar 18 x 26cm
  • Design: The Binary Box


  1. Wall Stickers are easily removed without damaging the paint underneath (for more complicated stickers, apply heat with a hair dryer).
  2. These are made to order, so returns aren't accepted unless there's a fault with the product.
  3. Wall Stickers are made to last and as such are not reusable.

Blackboard Jars Wall Sticker Set

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