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Russian Dolls Wall Sticker Set


If you feel that you are in need of a spot of colour therapy then get this bold, brilliant and beautiful Russian Dolls Wall Sticker Set up onto your walls ASAP!  Consisting of a series of colourful matryoshka dolls, each next one smaller than the previous, this wall sticker set is just the kind of finishing touch that gives your home an edge over the competition!

The Russian Dolls Wall Stickers work perfectly well when stuck on a blank section of wall in your home, but if you really want them to work to their full effect then just try positioning them behind and around an existing feature; the effect is much more magnificent!

With sizes ranging from 12cm up to 30cm tall, these matryoshka wall stickers are ideal for any living space, kitchen or children’s room.

Russian Dolls Wall Sticker Set Specifications

  • Size: 12cm - 30cm Tall
  • Material: 70 micron Matt vinyl
  • Designed by: Spin Collective


  1. Wall Stickers are easily removed without damaging the paint underneath (for more complicated stickers, apply heat with a hair dryer).
  2. These are made to order, so returns aren't accepted unless there's a fault with the product.
  3. Wall Stickers are made to last and as such are not reusable.

Russian Dolls Wall Sticker Set

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