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Zone Denmark

Zone Denmark designs transform everyday utensils and tools into stylish accessories that will have pride of place in your kitchen or bathroom. Approaching home accessories with a fresh look, the Zone Denmark range features clean lines, modern design and a bright red accent colour.

With high-quality sleek designs Zone Denmark create accessories that will add spark to any room they’re in. From soft and fluffy bath towels to magnetic kitchen timers, every red home accessory you could possibly think up has been covered by Zone Denmark.

With a beautiful Danish design aesthetic, these contemporary co-ordinating kitchen products and bathroom accessories will makeover your home in moments.

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Alicante Bird Table
SALE - 25.00

Update the garden with this designer hanging bird table!

Was: £25.00
Now: £10.00
Confetti Chequered Tea Towel

Add colour to the kitchen with this designer red check tea towel!

Confetti Cutlery / Utensil Holder
SALE - 10.00

Complement your red kitchenware with this stark black utensil pot.

Was: £10.00
Now: £9.00

Confetti Cutting Board
SALE - 32

See the chore of chopping veg from a new angle!  2 Sizes available.

from £9.00View Confetti Cutting Board
Confetti Dish Drainer & Tray

Complete your creative kitchen design with this red designer dish drainer!

from £12.50View Confetti Dish Drainer & Tray
Confetti Dishwashing Set
SALE - 32.00

Make washing up more fun with these Zone Denmark red kitchen utensils!

Was: £32.00
Now: £29.00

Confetti Egg Cup Set and Salt Shaker
SALE - 15.00

Salt and eat eggs with this unique set of 4 red egg cups!

Was: £15.00
Now: £12.00
Confetti Flower & Leaf Trivets
SALE - 13.00

Bring a feel of the outdoors in, with these gorgeous flower & leaf trivets. 

Was: £13.00
Now: £11.00
Confetti Foam Dispenser with Soap
SALE - 28.00

Introducing the Confetti foam soap pump – hand washing just got sexy! 

Was: £28.00
Now: £25.00

Confetti Knife Block
SALE - 29.00

Give your knives a home with this red soft touch kitchen knife stand!

Was: £29.00
Now: £24.00
Confetti Neoprene Placemat

These Red Neoprene Placemats make a unique addition to your table spread.

Confetti Organic Red Dish Brush

Inject some fun into your washing up with this funky scrubbing brush.


Confetti Organic Vegetable Brush
SALE - 9.30

Scrub your spuds in style with this rather fabulous vegetable brush!

Was: £9.30
Now: £7.90
Confetti Organic Vegetable Peeler
SALE - 10.00

Vegetable peeling & red kitchenware doesn’t get any more stylish than this!

Was: £10.00
Now: £8.50
Confetti Oven Mitt
SALE - 8.00

Do the classy cooking with this designer red insulated oven glove!

Was: £8.00
Now: £6.50

Confetti Red Bath Mat
SALE - 28.00

Treat your tootsies after time in the tub with this soft red bath mat !

Was: £28.00
Now: £22.00
Confetti Red Bath Towel
SALE - 25.00

Make every bath time a red hot affair with this large luxury red towel.

Was: £25.00
Now: £19.00
Confetti Red Bathroom Scales
SALE - 28.00

These red digital bathroom scales are easy to clean and easy on the eye.

Was: £28.00
Now: £24.00

Confetti Red Circles Placemat
SALE - 4.10

These modern red PVC placemats are practical, unique and totally chic!

Was: £4.10
Now: £3.00
Confetti Red Circles Trivet
SALE - 6.50

Protect your expensive work surfaces from red hot pots and pans.

Was: £6.50
Now: £5.50
Confetti Red Coasters
SALE - 18.50

Complete your red tableware collection with these funky red coasters .

Was: £18.50
Now: £16.00

Confetti Red Dishwashing Bowl
SALE - 22.00

Kit out your kitchen sink in eye-catching style with this red washing up bowl.

Was: £22.00
Now: £18.00
Confetti Red Face Cloth
SALE - 4.00

Made from 100% cotton, this red flannel is as soft as it is stylish!

Was: £4.00
Now: £1.00
Confetti Red Hand Towel
SALE - 23.50

These small bath towels are soft, luxurious and highly absorbent.

Was: £23.50
Now: £9.90

Confetti Red Kitchen Cloth

Clean up your red themed kitchen in style with this delicious red dish cloth.

Confetti Red Kitchen Timer
SALE - 11.00

Avoid burnt buns and frazzled frittatas with this funky egg timer!

Was: £11.00
Now: £9.50
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Confetti Red Dishwashing Bowl Confetti Cutlery / Utensil Holder Confetti Organic Red Dish Brush
Confetti Dish Drainer & Tray Confetti Cutting Board Confetti Dishwashing Set
Confetti Flower & Leaf Trivets Confetti Red Circles Placemat Confetti Red Circles Trivet
Confetti Red Coasters Confetti Red Kitchen Cloth Confetti Red Kitchen Timer
Confetti Red Mugs - Set of 4 Confetti Red Tea Towel Confetti Woven PVC Placemat
Confetti Replacement Brush Head Confetti Organic Vegetable Brush Confetti Organic Vegetable Peeler
Zone Denmark Grid Trivet Confetti Soft Soap Dispenser Confetti Soft Toothbrush Mug
Confetti Soft Toilet Brush Confetti Foam Dispenser with Soap Foaming Soap Refill
Confetti Red Pedal Bin Confetti Red Soap Dispenser Confetti Red Toothbrush Mug
Confetti Red Toilet Brush Confetti Square Soap Pump Confetti Red Bath Towel
Confetti Red Hand Towel Confetti Red Face Cloth Confetti Red Bathroom Scales
Confetti Red Bath Mat Confetti Red Squares Shower Curtain Confetti Small Baskets - Set of 2
Confetti Square Toilet Brush Confetti Tea Egg Confetti Square Soap Dish
Confetti Square Bathroom Soap Dispenser Confetti Square Toothbrush Mug Confetti Two-Tone Laundry Basket
Confetti Knife Block Confetti Neoprene Placemat Confetti Spinning Top Timer
Confetti Chequered Tea Towel Confetti Silicone Placemats - Set of 2 Confetti Stripes Tea Towel
Confetti Red Pot Holders Confetti Oven Mitt Confetti Round Coaster Set
Confetti Egg Cup Set and Salt Shaker Confetti Red Tealight Holder - Set of 2 Confetti Red Striped Shower Curtain
Rio Bird Feeder Alicante Bird Table
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