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Thursday 25th November 2010

Do the Office Shuffle! – Red Zig Zag Bookshelf

Free Giveaway Yesterday we had a bit of an office change around. In order to accommodate our fancy new magnetic white boards, we had to take down one of our colourful bookshelves – the big red zig zag one.  Striking shelving We’re not quite sure what to do with it now, so if you’d really like it,... Read More

Wednesday 24th November 2010

Creative Christmas Trees

Each day when I cut through the Bullring shopping centre on the way to work, I’m never short of interesting window displays to glance at as I walk past. This week some Christmas trees have been making their debut appearances. Here’s a selection of creative displays that I think are certainly Big Red Blog-worthy. Suspended... Read More

Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Set the Table – Creating an intimate atmosphere

The first time I ever lived on my own was when I went away to university to study music. Much to the surprise of my fellow room mates, I really took to the domestic end of things (thanks to the teachings of my highly organised mum) and took great enjoyment in making my little room... Read More

Friday 19th November 2010

A Curious Christmas Tree

Now and then in the office we root out an product and try and work out interesting ways of using as display. In the case of the Fotofalls Photo Tree by Umbra, were admittedly stumped at first as to where to put it and what to do with it. Every time you moved it, it... Read More

Thursday 18th November 2010

Autumn Leaves – Nature’s Red Candy

This autumn time I was lucky enough to get a lovely sunny afternoon to go out and take some pictures of the trees and bushes around my home as they began to glow a gorgeous red. My favourite pics were of this tree. I think it might be some type of oak, but I’m not... Read More

Red Designer Kitchen Cloths – New Product

Just a quick update to let you know that the kitchen cloths by Jangneus Design are now available to buy from the website. Click here to view the product page: Choose from our three different design sets. But don’t forget, you can also win some by entering our Kitchen Cloths Giveaway! Click here for more details.Caryl... Read More

Friday 12th November 2010

Jangneus Design Kitchen Cloths Giveaway

Admit it; you’d just love to get your hands on some of these gorgeous cloths for free, wouldn’t you? Well, you can! For our first ever Red Candy Giveaway we’ll be putting up a few of these sets of these cloths for grabs. Choose between the following three design sets: Set 1:       ... Read More

Functional, Fun, Famous! – Colourful Kitchen Cloths by Jangneus Design

Let me tell you a story that I’m sure will bring a warm, fuzzy feeling to your heart on this chilly Friday afternoon. A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from designer Marie Jangneus-Davis recommending a product I might be interested in – a selection of eco-friendly, biodegradable, 60° washable kitchen cloths designed in... Read More

Wednesday 10th November 2010

Corner of the Office

 Today‘s picture is a shot of my little corner of our office.   I must say, I love working in a space that‘s so unlike your usual office environment. I also get a fabulous view of Birmingham‘s happening arts and media quarter, The Custard Factory. Definitely good for motivation! A few weeks ago I came across... Read More

Welcome to the Big Red Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to our brand new Big Red Blog Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Caryl and I started working here at Red Candy about a month ago. Before I came here I’d worked in all manner of different office and customer service jobs, but all the while I was just... Read More

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