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Monday 28th February 2011

The House We All Dreamt Of…

A Japanese studio called Level Architects have designed a house in Tokyo, Japan, with a slide connecting all three floors.  A staircase wraps around one side of the rectangular house and the slide encircles the other.   Read more after the jump! Occupants can decide at each level whether to descend by the stairs or by slide. The... Read More

Where’s Wally Friday! Answers!

The answer to Where’s Wally last Friday is of course The Eiffel Tower in Paris! Where will he find himself next? Well done to Anonymous for guessing Paris! Check back this Friday for the next Where’s Wally?... Read More

Friday 25th February 2011

The Importance of Clocks

The clock is one of the most important devices in civilization. Everything we know is dependent on time, whether it be your everyday routine, TV programming or travel.       In built up areas we can’t walk for five minutes before seeing a clock. A lot of people will think of a clock as just... Read More

Thursday 24th February 2011

Lipstick Animals!

We came across these fun photos of lipstick animals by body paint artist Paige Thompson today:The idea of animating your own lips with entertaining characters is fantastic, and can work in so many ways, whether it’s to amuse or creep people out! Crab More pics after the jump!  Bidoof Black Cat  Bumble Bee  Pikachu  Fox ... Read More

Wednesday 23rd February 2011

The Future of Interior Decorating!

Want to get ideas for how your living room could look? Mr. Beam did and all he needed was two projectors to do it! By projecting textures onto a blank room and blank furniture, he created multiple ways to decorate. Check out the video... Read More

Tuesday 22nd February 2011

New to Red Candy – Authentics Studio Multi Frames!

The Authentics Studio Multi Frames now available in x12, x14 and x28 photo capacities on Red Candy. In contrast with the usual black and silver frames you tend to see these days, we love the Studio range for it’s stark, white and clean presentation.  Perfect for the contemporary home.... Read More

Red Candy Photo Shoot!

We’ve recently had professional photos taken of selected products for a recent publication of Insight Magazine! Guzzini Latina Knives Set and Block See more pics after the jump! Wild & Wolf Trim Phone           Umbra Mosh Photo Frame Wild & Wolf Scandi Phone Black & Blum Fruit Loop  Guzzini Latina Knives... Read More

Monday 21st February 2011

The Cake is Big. It’s Red. It says “Paris”.

Want to become famous? Just steal (one of) Paris Hilton’s home videos Birthday cakes!PAZ, a Hollywood DJ became internet famous this weekend by crashing Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday party and sneaking out with 70 pounds of bright Red cake!  He blogged about it later, including pictures of the cake. That’s $2,000 worth of red, sugary goodness!Unknown as... Read More

Here’s Wally!

In answer to last week’s post of ‘Where’s Wally’: (Wally circled above) Location: London Euston Station Activity: Flash Mob Hope you enjoyed it!... Read More

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