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Thursday 5th May 2011

Matchstick Light by Sam Thompson

‘Matchstick Light’ by designer Sam Thompson is a design that draws on the simple, clean lines of dimensional lumber. Sam Thompson’s own words:‘… I was fascinated by the possibility of having a bright, usable light derived from an unexpected form and material – namely 3/4″ sticks of maple. High quality stainless steel machine screws and wing... Read More

Red Summer Dresses from Miss Selfridge

Summer is still on it’s way so now is the time to be getting you’re outfits together! What better way to be radiant than in red, this time we take our best picks from Miss Selfridge: RED PONTI DRESSRed ponti dress 100% Polyester. Machine washable.     RED PONTI SHIFT DRESSRed ponti shift dress 75%... Read More

Wednesday 4th May 2011

Bongue Amplifier by Studio Toer

Studio Toer’s amplifier uses kinetic energy to power mobile audio. Called Bongue it is a “physical amplifier of mobile audio.” Suspended from a speaker that acts as a weight, an iPod Nano’s audio signal is amplified by a slowly descending counterweight. Says Studio Toer, “The dynamic qualities give it a multi-sensorial experience for daily life.”... Read More

Tuesday 3rd May 2011

The Log Chop Bench by The Practice Everyday Design.

The Log Chop Bench is a new piece by The Practice of Everyday Design. It represents an exploration in process-based design. They decided to approach the concept of this one-off piece by setting up a series of parameters that would define the final product without them relying on drawings or a concrete final image. Given little instruction and... Read More

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