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Monday 12th February 2018

The Year of the Dog: top 10 PAWsome pup-themed homeware

The 2018 Chinese New Year starts this Friday! And it just so happens that 2018’s animal of the year is our favourite critter: the dog! Symbols of loyalty, happiness and honesty, we love everything about our canine companions – especially our office mascot, Waldo the pug! If you love dogs as much as we do, then... Read More

Friday 2nd February 2018

Love Is In The Air! Alternative Valentine’s Day Gifts

The Day of Love itself under two weeks away! Cupid is stocking up on arrows, scores of new lovers are angsting over the “right amount” of kisses to put in their cards, and the Easter Bunny is moonlighting as a Valentine’s chocolatier. Probably. And then we come to the gifts. Valentine’s Day is a major cause... Read More

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