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Monday 18th April 2011

DONA – The Red Robot Pan-handler!

South Korean designer, Min Su Kim, has created a robot beggar named DONA.This little Red Robot, DONA («donation motivating») uses it’s cute, and characterful nature to attract attention and interact with potential donors. This use of technology combined with the wow factor and interaction suggests a much higher response to the donating process and eradicates... Read More

Friday 15th April 2011

Where’s Wally Friday! Can you guess where in the World Wally is?

Wally is not too fond of heights. He doesn’t even know how he got here – he just woke up and here he was!Maybe a Wedge-tailed eagle mistook him for a rabbit, but then realised it’s mistake when it noticed the rabbit smelt like cheese… Can you guess where he is? Answers Monday!... Read More

Monday 14th March 2011

Where’s Wally Friday! Answers!

That’s right, Wally was on Easter Island, and yes he certainly did win the ugly mug competition!Be sure to check back next Friday for more Where’s Wally!... Read More

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