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Shot of many sea lamps
Thursday 7th February 2019

So-FISH-ticated – Origami Sea-Life Lamps at Red Candy

What lurks underneath the water in the darkened depths of the ocean…  Why it’s a bunch of wonderfully adorable sea-creatures of course! To celebrate our love for the ocean and all its inhabitants, we have decided to bring a new range to Red Candy. Our fantastic Sea-inspired lampshades and lanterns! Made from lovely, eco-friendly paper, our Origami... Read More

Monday 10th September 2018

Neon Newness at Red Candy!

Neon… everywhere! Neon signs have been illuminating our lives and directing us to the nearest open bar for over a century now. How did we ever live without them?! From the lights that shine over Piccadilly Circus to the ones that make Tokyo glow at night. Neon is amazing, and it’s here to stay! Right... Read More

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Daddy Cool! Our Top 12 Father’s Day Gifts

It’s just over two weeks ‘til Father’s Day, which falls on Sunday 17th June! Here at Red Candy we think that our pops deserve more than socks – after all, without them we wouldn’t have a solid repertoire of bad jokes, a reliable taxi service, and the foresight to run a mile upon hearing the... Read More

Friday 2nd February 2018

Love Is In The Air! Alternative Valentine’s Day Gifts

The Day of Love itself under two weeks away! Cupid is stocking up on arrows, scores of new lovers are angsting over the “right amount” of kisses to put in their cards, and the Easter Bunny is moonlighting as a Valentine’s chocolatier. Probably. And then we come to the gifts. Valentine’s Day is a major cause... Read More

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Christmas Gift Guides 2017: All Of Our Guides!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been posting a range of gift guides to help you find the perfect present this Christmas – 12 to be exact!! “But why have you put together more gifts guides than we can shake a stick of festive rock?!”, we hear you cry! Well, we know the generic Gifts for Him and... Read More

Christmas 2017 Gift Guides: Retro Gifts

1. Wild and Wolf 746 Phone – Petrol Blue, £37 2. Karlsson Mini Flip Wall Clock – Orange, £125 3. Planter Bot – Red, £13.75 4. Foosball Bottle Opener – Red, £12.50 5. Polaroid Photo Frame 4×4 – Turquoise, £10.95 6. Super Mario World Art Print – 4 sizes, from £15 7. Retro Classic Bean Bag – Sky Blue, from £48 8. Roboutique Big Mug – Pugila, £10 9. Youngerman... Read More

Thursday 7th December 2017

Christmas 2017 Gift Guides: Geeks

1. T-Rex Orange Dino Lamp, £29 2. Comic Ka-Boom Blue Sofa Cushion – 2 Sizes, from £34 3. Lego Storage Brick – Red – 2 Sizes Available, from £18.99 4. Super Mario Kart Art Print, from £15 5. 8 Bit Retro Colour Wall Sticker Set, £23 6. Roboutique Big Mug – Raptor, £10 7. Penbot – Red, £13.75 8. Stranger Things (Y&G) Art Print, from £15 9. Tetris Desk Light, £29... Read More

Christmas 2017 Gift Guides: Photographers

1. Pola Magnetic Photo Frames, £11.50 2. Umbra Hangit Photo Display – Natural, £19 3. Block Small PegBoard – Grey, £30 4. Picture This Framed Print, from £47 5. CorkFrame – Square, £70 6. Snapshot Message Board, £34.95 7. Kube Rotating Photo Display, £14 8. Instant Coasters – Set of 4, £12 9. Polaroid Photo Frame 4×4 – Red, £10.95 10. Umbra Hangit Desk Photo Display, £15 11. Umbra Hangit Desk Photo Display, £15 12. Umbra... Read More

Christmas 2017 Gift Guides: Foodies

1. Wild Dining Plate – Gorilla, £11.95 2. Nessie Family Gift Set, £34.95 3. Splash Chopping Board, £15 4. Heart Tangram Trivet & Coasters – Multi-coloured, £19.50 5. Joseph Joseph Rotary Peeler – Pink, £14 6. Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set, £42 7. Joseph Joseph Brilliant Baker Gift Set, £35 8. Wesco Retro Scales with Clock – Red, £56 9. Bernard & Samuel Beard Egg Cup Set, £10 10. T-Rex Dino Egg... Read More

Wednesday 6th December 2017

Christmas 2017 Gift Guides: Bookworms

1. Karlsson Table Clock Book – Multicolour, £29.50 2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Art Print – 4 sizes, from £15 3. T-Rex Bookends, £20 4. D. T. Framed Print, from £47 5. Umbra Conceal Bookshelf – Small, £10.50 6. Suck UK Book Rest Lamp, £32 7. Bikends Bookends, £14.95 8. Suck UK Planter Bookends, £15 9. Really Long Sausage Dog Bookends, £15 10. Evolution Book Ends – Black, £21.50 11. Unicorn... Read More

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