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Tuesday 10th May 2011

House Numbers from Heath Ceramics and House Industries

Heath Ceramics has partnered with House Industries to bring us not one but two fantastic new house numbers options: Neutra and Eames. It’s getting to be that time of year when it’s time tackle outdoor projects, so if boosting your home’s curb appeal is up there, maybe these are the numbers for you!... Read More

Friday 8th April 2011

Live in a Advert and get your Mortgage Paid!

Adzookie is an advertising company that recently came up with an infamous idea of turning your homes into billboards. One may think this is a rather sinister advertising concept, whilst many would cringe at the idea of their house being one big advertisement. Which is why the advertisers added an extra perk: paying the owners’... Read More

Monday 28th February 2011

The House We All Dreamt Of…

A Japanese studio called Level Architects have designed a house in Tokyo, Japan, with a slide connecting all three floors.  A staircase wraps around one side of the rectangular house and the slide encircles the other.   Read more after the jump! Occupants can decide at each level whether to descend by the stairs or by slide. The... Read More

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