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Tuesday 29th March 2016

The Future If Literature Was To Be Believed

Writers have always been fascinated with the future, with fictional visions of imagined technology and humanity living in a very different way. We have taken some of these inventions and ideas and created our latest infographic: ‘The Future if Literature was to be believed’. Who needs a guard dog if your grass can do it... Read More

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Odd and Dangerous Diets

Many of us know the struggle of dieting, your favourite foods staring sadly at you from store shelves, calling to you “Eat me! Eat me!” A proper nutritional diet is a long and ongoing process. It is a lifestyle change that requires considerable effort and willpower. However, this can be hard, and with anything that... Read More

Tuesday 9th February 2016

Crazy, Superstitious, Love

L is for leaves, specifically of the bay kind, which can apparently tell your future, as well as helping food taste delicious. O is for “Oi!” and “Ouch!” The sound brides throughout Egypt make as they get pinched during their magical/painful day. V is for vexed, which is how a Russian partner will end up... Read More

Wednesday 16th December 2015

The Nightmares Before Christmas: Yuletides Iconic Terrors

Twas the nightmare before Christmas, and lying in bed Children were shaking in fear and in dread. For everyone knows at Christmas there’s monsters galore, From Krampus to Grýla, from Hinkle to Robot Santa Claus. With stomachs hungry for a delicious childish snack They wait until darkness before they attack, But don’t be too afraid,... Read More

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

The Strangest Eating Utensils Of All Time

When the fork found its way to the rest of Europe through the Byzantine Empire there was uproar. “What is this devilish prong?” They cried in disgust. However skip forward a couple of hundred years and they’d soon forgotten their fears, feasting, fork in hand on whatever they could get their hands/forks on. Eating utensils... Read More

Monday 9th November 2015

Favourite Tipples of the Famous

Is there anything better than sipping on your favourite drink, maybe the sun is shining, maybe you are sitting outside beneath the stars, or perhaps inside on a cold winter’s eve, but when the first taste of the liquid hits your lips, the world can melt away (especially if it is absinthe based) in delicious... Read More

Monday 5th October 2015

Morning Routines of the Successful

For most of the Red Candy team, the day starts with a blind fumble for the alarm clock, a rushed piece of toast on the way out of the door, and at least two cups of coffee before we’re capable of coherent speech. Morning people are a rare breed around here, but we’ve been reliably... Read More

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

The Inventor Rich List

Where would we be without inventors? You wouldn’t be sitting in that chair you’re currently slouching in, or cringing under that hideously bright light illuminating your surroundings. Inventions are all around us, but what about the individuals behind these inventions? The right idea at the right time can bring astronomical wealth, and this list of... Read More

Thursday 6th August 2015

Weird Inventions You Never Knew You Didn’t Need

Since the first fire was lit mankind has distinguished itself from its beastly animal rivals through ingenuity and invention. The spear, the plough, the steam engine, and the selfie stick have all advanced living conditions, and revolutionised civilisation as we know it.... Read More

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