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Monday 21st March 2011

Interior Inspirtation – Red Rooms

Red is the perfect accent colour for interiors. In moderation, it can create unique focal splashes against a contrasting neutral colours like white or cream. As a main theme it can create a warm, cosy enclosure and reflect a passionate personality. Red is a colour that, handled with care, will always create a unique, lasting... Read More

Wednesday 23rd February 2011

The Future of Interior Decorating!

Want to get ideas for how your living room could look? Mr. Beam did and all he needed was two projectors to do it! By projecting textures onto a blank room and blank furniture, he created multiple ways to decorate. Check out the video... Read More

Wednesday 9th February 2011

A Touch of Red

We came across this nice little vid on YouTube today and want to share it with all you Red enthusiasts – all about adding that essential flare to your interior design scheme. Enjoy! Video by InteriorComplex and sourced from YouTube.... Read More

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