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Wednesday 24th July 2013

4 Gorgeous Red Dining Rooms

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, the dining room is a great place to start. It’s also a pretty cool place to experiment with bold and bright colours as the focal point tends to be the long table and they’re usually free from a vast amount of clutter. We generally think that red... Read More

Wednesday 10th July 2013

Gorgeous Garden Party Glasses

Neon brights perfect for a summer garden party or tea on the terrace, these lovely Club glasses by Sagaform definitely brighten up proceedings. With their minimal and contemporary shape, these glasses each have their own distinct neon bright base, which adds a brilliant pop of rainbow-colour to the table. Whether you’re planning to quaff some... Read More

Thursday 27th June 2013

egg and soldiers

egg and soldiers by redcandyuk on Polyvore Apple Red Teapot With Wooden Saucer£55 – La Cafetiere Classic Stove Top Espresso Maker£20 – LSA Zazou Vase£37 – Red Dotty 0.7 Pint Mug£4.40 – Red Dotty Single Egg Cup£1.40 – La Cafetiere Red Espresso Cup Saucer£4.00 – Alessi Mr Chin Egg... Read More

Tuesday 4th June 2013

On red weddings and ruby weddings.

After last night’s game of thrones, I think we’ll definitely stick to furnishing ruby weddings rather than red weddings. I can imagine that for a game of throne’s style red wedding the gift guide would need to include chain-mail, shields and the odd crossbow or two. Ruby weddings on the other hand tend to be... Read More

Thursday 16th May 2013

Rainbow kitchen accessories

Rainbow kitchen accessories by redcandyuk on Polyvore Guzzini Set of 2 Porcelain Mugs Green$28 – Guzzini Set of 2 Porcelain Mugs Orange$28 – Guzzini Set of 2 Porcelain Mugs Yellow$28 – Guzzini Set of 2 Porcelain Mugs Purple$28 – Guzzini Latina Coffee Jar Orange$23 – Guzzini Latina Coffee Jar Green$23... Read More

Wednesday 15th May 2013

Rainbow clocks!

Rainbow clocks! by redcandyuk on Polyvore Karlsson Colour Spirograph Clock – Large Multi Colour Clock$120 – Karlsson Water Lily Multi Coloured Clock – colourful wall clock$115 – Karlsson Slices Colourful Clock – large colour coded wall clock$105 – Guzzini Happy Time Wall Clock – colourful Roman numeral clock$77 – Nextime Colour... Read More

Monday 13th May 2013

At the Diner

At the Diner by redcandyuk featuring kate spade eyewear Vintage swing Wallis sling back Steve madden Kate spade Opi nailpolish$26 – Nostalgia 800w Always Open Diner Thomas Kent Diner Clock Red – retro 12 inch square kitchen clock$74 – Read More

Friday 5th April 2013

7 of the best….Red Bedrooms

Looking to spruce up your bedroom this spring? Dust off the cobwebs and get the pots of paint out because we’ve rounded up some of the best red bedroom ideas on the web. Although a bold colour, red is surprisingly easy to work with and if added little by little has a great impact on both small... Read More

Friday 16th March 2012

Red Accents in your Home pt. 1

Everyone has a room that could do with a red hot makeover, but if you’re not ready to commit wholly then why not give it a small dose of red instead? As NYC interior designer mentioned “When people walk into a red room, they immediately respond” and it’s true! Even utilitarian rooms can benefit from... Read More

Thursday 15th September 2011

Red Interiors – (Phantom) L’opéra Restaurant

(Phantom) L’opéra Restaurant is a red masterpiece by French architect Odile Decq. This striking set up was opened recently in the Palais Garnier in Paris, France. Created within the historical building, this modern design interacts seamlessly with the classical surroundings. The interior has been carefully designed not to touch the existing historical structure, keeping both... Read More

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