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Thursday 7th July 2011

‘Cubico’ by Alessandro Di Prisco – Modern Magazine Rack

We came across this fascinating concept for a magazine rack / coffee table on Freshome today. This project from Italian designer Alessandro Di Prisco is set to prove that simple ideas have the strongest effect. ‘Cubico’ is a minimalist furniture item that can be used in a variety of ways.  Here is a short description from the designer: ... Read More

Monday 23rd May 2011

Susan Bradley Design

Susan Bradley is rapidly becoming a household name, known for her extraordinary metalwork such as her outside wallpaper she constantly strives for a fun, graphical way to enhance your surroundings.  The items that caught our attention, though, are the ravishing red, powder coated, steel bookends wonderfully cut to recognizable shapes. Along with fantastic book ends,... Read More

Monday 9th May 2011

Topple – Rocking Red Bookcase by Julian Appelius

This Brand New Rocking Bookcase from Pulpo is made of a powder-coated steel and it’s bottom is equipped with a 5-degree tilt, allowing it to rock. Julian Appelius assures that the bookshelf will hold your books level as long as you have enough of them to fill up a row. The bookshelf is made in steel... Read More

Thursday 5th May 2011

Matchstick Light by Sam Thompson

‘Matchstick Light’ by designer Sam Thompson is a design that draws on the simple, clean lines of dimensional lumber. Sam Thompson’s own words:‘… I was fascinated by the possibility of having a bright, usable light derived from an unexpected form and material – namely 3/4″ sticks of maple. High quality stainless steel machine screws and wing... Read More

Wednesday 4th May 2011

Bongue Amplifier by Studio Toer

Studio Toer’s amplifier uses kinetic energy to power mobile audio. Called Bongue it is a “physical amplifier of mobile audio.” Suspended from a speaker that acts as a weight, an iPod Nano’s audio signal is amplified by a slowly descending counterweight. Says Studio Toer, “The dynamic qualities give it a multi-sensorial experience for daily life.”... Read More

Thursday 7th April 2011

Inspiration – The Coat Check Chair

Ever found yourself with an excess of plastic hangers? Well here’s a good use for them!Joey Zeledón came up with this concept for the Coat Check Chair. It takes plastic hangers and puts them over a steel tubular frame to create a seat. Simple eh? Not only is this a good use of those spare... Read More

Thursday 31st March 2011

Collage Photo Frames

Aurora Frame We at Red Candy LOVE collage photo frames! So much so that we can’t imagine life without them.What better way to display your most precious memories than to have them altogether?You can use these frames to tell a story, to reflect your personality (organized? chaotic?), to associate specific pictures to other pictures and... Read More

Wednesday 16th February 2011


Came across these fun earring creations today:   Name: HangingTypology: Earrings See more after the jump! Concept Hanging is a collection of earrings which takes advantage of a silver wire hook as the main element to tell a story. By using miniature figures hung on the wire, it becomes possible to create imaginary scenarios, where... Read More

Monday 14th February 2011

Under My Roof by Christian Vivanco

Want to liven up your stationary? Industrial designer Christian Vivanco does!Christian has designed a desk-tidier in the shape of a gabled house Called Under My Roof. As you can see from these striking images, it has a pull out drawer, a shelf and chimney on the roof which can act as a pencil pot.Each desk tidy come in... Read More

Wednesday 9th February 2011

Lobot – The cutest ‘robot’ lamp

Designer Jinseok Hwang for studioLOBOT has devised this adorable LED Lamp constructed from anodized aluminium with a “robust and well engineered hinge system.” We at Red Candy can’t avoid the fact that it reminds us of Wall-E when it comes to its charismatic LED ‘eyes’. Although its main feature is it’s fluid, innovative and functional design, for the most part,... Read More

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