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Monday 2nd April 2012

**Red Candy on Pinterest!**

The best thing since cork noticeboards… the virtual world has gone wild for on-line noticeboard service Pinterest! Now you can see all your Red Candy favourites, as well as some you may not have seen, in an exciting visual layout! This week we’ve gone for a “Kitchen Accessories” board, which includes all standard kitchen items – and... Read More

Thursday 29th March 2012

**Wonderful Wall Décor**

Bring some serious style to your walls with these stunning visual pieces and  wall decorations! This eye-catching wall piece is actually hand-painted acrylic on wood held together with metal prongs, this is just a small example of how easily stunning wall décor can be made from household items! This interesting triptych tree landscape has a... Read More

Tuesday 27th March 2012

** Top Ten Tuesday – Luxurious Lighting**

Now the nights are to be even lighter, you’ll soon notice the dark creeping in if your curled up with your favourite book. So for this week’s Top Tuesday I’ve included 10 of my favourite modern lamp designs! This sleek and chic red hooded lamp comes in a standing version as well as a smaller... Read More

Friday 16th March 2012

Red Accents in your Home pt. 1

Everyone has a room that could do with a red hot makeover, but if you’re not ready to commit wholly then why not give it a small dose of red instead? As NYC interior designer mentioned “When people walk into a red room, they immediately respond” and it’s true! Even utilitarian rooms can benefit from... Read More

Thursday 15th March 2012

Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea…

This Thursday at Red Candy we’ve been celebrating the importance of Tea in our lives, and how big a part of us culturally and spiritually – from Afternoon Tea to Tea Leaf reading it’s been a big part of our lives for so long, it’d be hard to imagine life without it! So, today we’ve... Read More

Tuesday 13th March 2012

Cutting the Red Tape – Inside the Red Candy Office

After coming across the Wild & Wolf 302 Desk Phone whilst looking round the Red Candy office, I just couldn’t resist setting this little gem up on my desk, who’d have thought I’d have this much fun answering calls! I’ve been really looking forward to getting up some pictures of our office to show off... Read More

Tuesday 31st January 2012

Top Trio Tuesday

 1. Menu Double Candle Holder This week we choose our top 3 new additions to the Red Candy Website! Get romantic with the Menu Double Candle Holder in red, see your photos from a different point of view with the Umbra Perspective Photo Frame and wash up in style with the red hot Dishwashing Set... Read More

Thursday 4th August 2011

Red Interiors – House VVDB / dmvA

In the eighties architect Jan Van Den Berghe built his own house on a marvellous spot, close to the channel Mechelen-Brussels. Reworked and renovated, this house now has some of the most inspiring red accents we’ve seen. Roof-type, symmetrical ground plan, wooden structure, honest materials, the use of cement stone and many-coloured aluminium joinery, were... Read More

Wednesday 15th June 2011

Duanwu Festival – Dragon Boat Festival in China

This month saw the annual Duanwu festival take place in China and many other East Asian countries, such as Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.This festival commemorates the death of ancient poet Qu Yuan. At this time in Beijing locals eat zongzi (bamboo-wrapped rice dumplings) and watch vibrant dragon boat races on nearby lakes, such as Qinglong... Read More

Tuesday 5th April 2011

The Little things – Red Faucets

Here’s a little something that caught our eye whilst browsing the web.This is the KV1 Mixer faucet from Vola.This beautiful mixer tap really stands out with this striking colour and instantly boosts your kitchen’s uniqueness. Now although it’s obvious we are going to be bias towards the bright red and burgundy red, this tap is... Read More

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