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Monday 23rd July 2018

Five ‘Rad’ Red Candy Products Plucked from the 90s

I remember having a conversation in the mid-2000’s. I was drinking a fluorescent cocktail at an 80’s themed bar, set to the soundtrack of “The Power of Love’.  It was in this context that my friend stated, “We’ll be here in a decade’s time…drinking Hooch and doing the Macarena”. It’s safe to say, I heavily... Read More

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Christmas 2017 Gift Guides: Retro Gifts

1. Wild and Wolf 746 Phone – Petrol Blue, £37 2. Karlsson Mini Flip Wall Clock – Orange, £125 3. Planter Bot – Red, £13.75 4. Foosball Bottle Opener – Red, £12.50 5. Polaroid Photo Frame 4×4 – Turquoise, £10.95 6. Super Mario World Art Print – 4 sizes, from £15 7. Retro Classic Bean Bag – Sky Blue, from £48 8. Roboutique Big Mug – Pugila, £10 9. Youngerman... Read More

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Christmas Gift Guides: Gifts for Retro Lovers

1. Wild and Wolf 746 Phone – Petrol Blue, £37 2. Newgate Dome II Alarm Clock – Citrus Yellow, £25 3. Cosmos Coasters – Set of 4, £10 4. Karlsson Mini Flip Wall Clock – Orange, £125 5. Polaroid Photo Frames 4×4, £10.95 each 6. Roboutique Big Mug – Pugila, £10 7. Rubik’s Cube Mug, £10 8. Classic Bat Framed Print, from £47 9. Wild and Wolf Trim Phone – Old Gold, £29... Read More

Friday 11th December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide #12: Gifts for Retro Lovers

For the final installment of our Christmas Gift Guides collection, we are looking at Gifts for Retro Lovers! Our retro gift collection celebrates all things retro and vintage, and is made up of perfect presents for friends and family. Retro is defined as ‘looking backwards’, and here we do it with a nostalgic eye; using... Read More

Monday 13th May 2013

At the Diner

At the Diner by redcandyuk featuring kate spade eyewear Vintage swing Wallis sling back Steve madden Kate spade Opi nailpolish$26 – Nostalgia 800w Always Open Diner Thomas Kent Diner Clock Red – retro 12 inch square kitchen clock$74 – Read More

Tuesday 19th March 2013

Get the look! A 50’s retro colourful kitchen

Check out one  of the latest Red Candy sightings! We’ve been spotted in a feature by Beautiful Kitchens magazine who’ve curated a gorgeous gathering of bits and bobs for the kitchen with a retro twist. If you want to update your kitchen with a splash of colour, these Americana nostalgic style accessories are perfect for... Read More

Tuesday 13th March 2012

Cutting the Red Tape – Inside the Red Candy Office

After coming across the Wild & Wolf 302 Desk Phone whilst looking round the Red Candy office, I just couldn’t resist setting this little gem up on my desk, who’d have thought I’d have this much fun answering calls! I’ve been really looking forward to getting up some pictures of our office to show off... Read More

Thursday 8th March 2012

Red Hot Ebay Spot

This week we’ve been looking at decorative vintage pieces for around the home, with an emphasis on some of the iconic and more recognizable designs. Here’s a round-up of the more quirky pieces we found. Drop beets not bombs! Why not take an alternative approach to injecting a splash of colour into your kitchen with... Read More

Thursday 2nd February 2012

Red Hot Ebay Spot

1970s Space Age Television It’s time for another Red Hot Ebay Spot! If you haven’t guessed by now, we really like red, so check out these awesome retro items we couldn’t miss out on! BT Genie Telephone by Kartell Kartell Umbrella Stand Original Red Kitchen Work Station... Read More

Wednesday 2nd November 2011

Red Hot eBay Spot

Art Nouveau Room Decor This week we filtered the wealth of vintage red items on eBay to present our top picks that are available now! Don’t miss out on these must have items as there are only so many left in the world… 1970s Grand Star GS-969 Ball Clock Radio Red Telephone Box/Kiosk 1937 Maroon... Read More

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