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Tuesday 16th August 2011

Top Ten Tuesday – Ravishing Red Uniforms

This week we’ve decided to bring you our top 10 red uniforms that should be appreciated for their iconic qualities, beautiful colour, and tasty eye-candy. Read on to see which outfits made our Top Ten! 1. The Queens Royal Guard 2. Baywatch 3. Canadian Mounties 4. Butlin’s Red Coats 5. Kraftwerk 6. Bell Hops 7.... Read More

Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Top Ten Tuesday – Red Hot Hairstyles

From strawberry-blonde to fire engine red and every shade in between, we’ve rounded up the Top Ten hairstyles from celebs who embrace their red roots! Read on to find out how to get the look by clicking the images :D 1. Christina Hendricks To get Madmen star Christina Hendricks’ adorable hairstyle create a side part... Read More

Tuesday 26th July 2011

Top 10 Tuesday – Red Garden Accessories

1. Red Parasol This week we’re looking at the garden, and how we can make the most of the colour red in something that is mainly green. Of course, you could always argue using red flowers etc, but we already covered that here. So read on to see what Red Candy suggests for further redding... Read More

Tuesday 19th July 2011

Top Ten Tuesday – Red Songs

This week we have selected our Top Ten songs with ‘Red’ in the Titles. Read on to find out what songs we picked! 1. 99 Red Balloons by Nena 2. Red House by Jimi Hendrix 3. Red Barchette by Rush 4. Red Mosquito by Pearl Jam 5. Little Red Corvette by Prince 6. Lady in... Read More

Tuesday 12th July 2011

Top Ten Tuesday – Red Animals

This week, we chose our Top 10 Red Animals. Find out true facts about these amazing creatures and who made our Top 10!It’s amazing some of the different red creatures that inhabit the world! Learn things you didn’t know!    1. The Red Cardinal This fella can be found in southern Canada, eastern USA, Mexico,... Read More

Tuesday 28th June 2011

Top Ten Tuesday – Red Cartoon Characters!

1. Fry from ‘Futurama’ – The loveable Red-headed slacker. This week we picked our favourite Red Cartoon Characters! See if your favourites are here, and if not, let us know who they are! :D 2. ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ – She couldn’t get enough of the red stuff! 3. Lion-O from ‘Thundercats’ – Who can deny this... Read More

Tuesday 21st June 2011

Top Ten Tuesday – Red Hot Retro Roadsters

1. Fiat 500 This week we at Red Candy have picked out our Top Ten favourite retro auto-mobiles for the lovers of Red. Like cars? Read on. Don’t like cars? Read on anyway because we won’t be boring you with technical hoo ha, just lovely looking Red Roadsters :D 2. Ford Cortina 3. Volkswagen Beetle... Read More

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