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Wednesday 25th October 2017

a good fall back: turn your clocks back in style this autumn!

clocks fall 2017

Clocks L-R:

Karlsson Minimal Gold Clock – Burgundy Red, £53,25
Newgate Charlie Bell Alarm Clock – Radial Copper, £20
Karlsson Woodpecker Clock – Dark Wood, £64.25
Nextime Flipped Clock – Orange, £33
Karlsson Cube LED Clock – Dark Wood, £26.50
Karlsson Stout Wall Clock – Copper, £46.50
Nido Cuckoo Clock – Black, £275
Thomas Kent Arabic Clock Red – 20 inch, £79
Karlsson Mini Flip Clock – Wood, £180
Newgate Wimbledon Clock – Dark Wood, £130
Cucu Ruku Cuckoo Clock – Wenge, £230
Karlsson Vintage Square Glass Clock – Burgundy Red, £35.50

The clocks go back on Sunday! This may mean that the cold winter months are on their way, but on a positive note it does give us one extra hour’s lie in on Sunday. Every cloud eh!

Plus before winter arrives we are treated to the lovely month of autumn, with cosy evenings by the fire and Sunday afternoons crunching through mounds of beautiful multi-coloured leaves. With this in mind we’ve put together a collage of clocks with autumnal colouring and themes – including wooden hues, copper casing, and clocks in the colours of fallen leaves.

So if you are looking to create an autumnal feel in your abode, or if the prospect of turning your clocks back makes your realise that your home could do with a new and stylish ticker, then look no further than the collection above or alternatively, click here for our entire clock collection!


**Super Clock Giveaway**

We thought the clocks turning back would be the perfect excuse to run a mega clock giveaway on our social media pages! We have handpicked five of our favourite autumnal-coloured timepieces, and are giving away one every day this week – Monday-Friday! Click here to enter today’s clock giveaway!

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