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Thursday 7th July 2011

‘Cubico’ by Alessandro Di Prisco – Modern Magazine Rack

We came across this fascinating concept for a magazine rack / coffee table on Freshome today. This project from Italian designer Alessandro Di Prisco is set to prove that simple ideas have the strongest effect. ‘Cubico’ is a minimalist furniture item that can be used in a variety of ways. 
Here is a short description from the designer: 
‘Cubico’ is a new project by alessandro di prisco design studio. Its design is produced by the subtractive process, progressively removing material from an accomplished figure, the cube, getting some voids, fissures in its linearity. Cubico does not have an exact position or even a specific function, the position of the object can determine its function. It can certainly be a magazine rack, a coffee table, a stool or why not just a cube!” 
Due to its minimalist appearance, Cubico can be easily integrated in a variety of contemporary interiors, with a very pleasant aesthetic effect. Quite practical, wouldn’t you say?

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  • Must have one!

    Posted by Harveybabes
  • very nice look of modern magazine racks…
    Magazine Rack

    Posted by dany chandra

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