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Wednesday 30th May 2018

Daddy Cool! Our Top 12 Father’s Day Gifts

It’s just over two weeks ‘til Father’s Day, which falls on Sunday 17th June!

Here at Red Candy we think that our pops deserve more than socks – after all, without them we wouldn’t have a solid repertoire of bad jokes, a reliable taxi service, and the foresight to run a mile upon hearing the phrase “back in my day…”!

But jokes aside, these everyday superheros deserve a day of appreciation, so we’ve put together a selection of our favourite gifts to surprise the old man with! We have something for all types of dad – musical dad, globetrotting dad, nostalgic dad, whiskey-loving dad and geeky dad!

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f day1. LSA Flask Decanter – Large, £80
2. David Bowie Theatre Royal Gig Art Print, from £15
3. Plantosaurus Rex, £30
4. Foosball Bottle Opener – Red, £12.50
5. Star Wars Saga Art Print Collection, from £49
6. Globe Light – Azure Blue & Copper, £82
7. Wild & Wolf 2500 Phone – Atlantic Blue, £50
8. PyroPet Dreki Candle – Red, £27
9. Newgate Wideboy Alarm Clock, £40
10. Fab Four Framed Art Print, £57
11. Bernard & Samuel Beard Egg Cup Set, £10
12. My Superhero 03 Pantone Super Blue Framed Print, from £47

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