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Thursday 12th June 2014

Feed the birds…

As we welcome the Great British Summer, Red Candy are here to save the sunny (here’s hoping) day and offer a helping hand and some inspiration when it comes to additions to your outdoor space, specifically, bird feeders. You’re welcome.

Firstly, a short, entirely fictional history on the bird feeder. It all started with the now classic Disney film “Mary Poppins”, where a memorably sentimental moment mid-way through the general merriment, involved a woman feeding some birds. This inspired a generation, and feeding birds became the new red. It was seen as a great way to show off how much you care for mother nature and all it’s creations, and it’s popularity soared. A rough patch mid-way through the mid-nineties saw the bird feeder lose all it’s style, individuality and vibrancy and a boring, tube became popular. This all changed in the noughties, however, and the bird feeder has gone from strength to strength ever since! 
This (smoothly) leads us onto today where bird feeders are no longer just the grim tubes full to the brim with seeds, but come in all shapes, sizes and designs!  It’s with this in mind that we bring you our very own Top 6 Bird Feeders! Once again, you’re very welcome…
So get among those feathered friends and create your very own garden of Eden!*
*A glass of Pimms always helps…

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