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Thursday 22nd October 2015

Trick or Treat? Our Halloween top 10!

Red Candy Halloween Products
The Skull Desk Tidy and Zombie Ice Mould in the Red Candy Office!

The pumpkins are being carved, classic horror films have taken over the TV, and there’s more candy in the house than you can shake a stick at… yes, it’s nearly that time of year again!

Here at Red Candy, we love Halloween and are firmly of the opinion that we Brits should up our game and do Halloween as well as they do across the pond, so with this in mind we have expanded our product offering for this spooky holiday!

Check out our Halloween Top 10 below, with skulls, zombies, black cats and spider webs galore! And even better, many of these home accessories can be used all year round! #winning

Suck UK Skull Tidy, £29.50

This ghoulish desk tidy is perfect for organising every day items, but at this time of year it takes on a life of its own (not literally, unless your house is haunted…) – fill it with sweets for a perfect Halloween candy display!

h blog 1

Zombie 3D Ice Mould, £7.50

The perfect addition to a Halloween-themed cocktail! Just beware when you take a sip that you’re not grabbed by its icy cold grip! “They’re coming for you, Barbara…”

h blog 3

Suck UK Sun Jar – Yellow, £15.50

This cute solar powered light can easily double up as a creepy jar lantern for the spooky season – simply bluetac some black patterns onto the outside – as shown below!

h blog 4

Umbra Conceal Bookshelf – Set of 3, £29

Nothing says “spooky” like bookshelves which make your books appear to be levitating!


Koziol Miaou Black Ring Stand, £10

Because black cats and Halloween go together like Jeckyll and Hyde!


Other skull decor

Skulls are trendy all year round, so if you enjoy darker style designs then check out the Skull Swirls Wall Sticker and Vintage Skull Framed Print.

h blog 2

Custom Cookie Stamp, £10

Perfect for creating biscuits for treat or treaters! Plus it’s customisable so can be used all year round!


Artland Midnight Collection

These designer black and red glasses are perfect for any Halloween party! Bought separately.


Black and Black Clock by Diamantini, from £100

This stylish symmetrical design almost resembles a spider’s web and will create a dramatic silhouette on any wall.


Block Neon Drip Vase – Orange, £21

Subtly spooky, we love this modern vase from Block Design!


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