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Thursday 25th July 2013

If Dexter had a chopping board, it’d probably look like the Red Splash Chopping Board

Every morning we scour the web for new and interesting bits and bobs to give our social media fans a giggle, this morning we happened upon the gloriously creepy Splash Chopping Board by Mustard.

Splash Chopping Board via Mzube
Shaped like a paint or blood splash that’s dripping slowly off the side of your worktop, the Splash Chopping Board is accompanied by the Splash Spoon Rest that is equally macabre.
The dripping blood chopping board is definitely something that would perk up a traditional kitchen, with a darkly comic edge to it. Chopping up veggies on  there is one thing, but could you imagine hacking at a massive slab of meat with that chopping board? Definitely one for those who like to sharpen up on their knife skills in style. We can imagine it’d be a fab little surprise for unsuspecting guests, and would probably make an awesome Halloween serving platter too!
Splash Spoon Rest via Giftzone

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  • Love the spoon rest! That’s a very detailed design. I think the chopping board would maybe be a little too much for my liking, though it’s still a great idea. Dexter would be proud! :D

    Posted by Kyle

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