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Tuesday 27th September 2016

Improve Your Office Day 2016

Next Tuesday (4th October) is Improve Your Office Day, and, as you might guess, we are firmly of the opinion that adding a bit of fun and colour can make all the difference to a work environment!

Whilst this date might not might up there with bank holidays and Christmas, it’s well worth sticking it in your diary! Having a stress-free desk area is key to our work temperament – struggling to find our keyboards under a mound of letters and stationery is not good for anyone’s stress levels! Plus by adding a few funky touches, your work area will be the envy of all your colleagues!

Here at Red Candy we have some top tips for cheering up your work space (naturally accompanied by some subtly mentioned products which we sell…) – whether it’s your office or a home study area. From desk tidies to funky phones, look no further than Red Candy to ‘improve your office!’

View the full range of office products here or view our Top Tips below!

1. Add some colour

A super easy way of cheering up your desk area! Be it a funky pen pot or a colourful desk lamp, breaking up the boring office beige or grey will improve your mood no end!

improve office 1

*NEW* Seriously Tropical Pineapple Pen Pot – Pink, £10
Block Sketch Tidy – Blue, £24
*NEW* Cactus Desktop Organiser, £12
Block Mini Pegboard – Yellow, £25
Wild and Wolf Trim Phone – Red, £29
Umbra Corner Can – Surf Blue, £15
Cloud Pencil and Eraser Set, £9.95
Globe Light – Goldfish Orange, £79.95
Barefoot Table Lamp – Pink, £45

2. Cut the clutter

Keep those pens, papers, books and memos in check with this stylish selection!

office 2

Block Medium PegBoard – Light Blue, £40
Campervan Magazine Rack – Red, £19
*NEW* Cork Cactus Memo Holder, £10
Suck UK Double Sharpener Desk Tidy, £25
*NEW* Umbra Trigg Desk Vessel – Set of 2, £40
*NEW* Umbra Strum Shelf – Copper, £10
Giant Thimble Tidy – Silver, £10
*NEW* Suck UK Planter Bookends, £15
*NEW* Framed Letter Board, £45

3. Personalise!

Photos of loved ones and funky memo holders are brilliant for creating a happier workspace!

office 3 copy

Planter Bots, £13.50 each
Umbra Orbita Photo Display – Brass, £30
Suck UK Cork Globe, £95
*NEW* Umbra Hangit Desk Photo Display, £15
Corkboard Map, £24.95
Umbra Prisma Photo Frame 4×4 – Copper, £10
*NEW* Umbra Gala Photo Display, £20
Eric the Memo Elephant, £12.95

4. Funk up your phone

These retro-tastic phones are perfect for home offices!


Wild and Wolf 746 Phone Box Red, £37
Wild and Wolf Trim Phone – Peacock Green, £29
Wild and Wolf Lobby Phone, £45
Wild and Wolf Trim Phone – Old Gold, £29
Wild and Wolf 746 Phone – Copper, £65
Wild and Wolf Trim Phone – French Blue, £29
Wild and Wolf 746 Phone – Concrete Grey, £37
Wild and Wolf Trim Phone – Purple Plum, £29
Wild and Wolf 746 Phone – Brass Brushed, £65

5. Keep track of time!

Make sure you hit those deadlines with one of these stylish tickers!

office 4

*NEW* Newgate Mr Davies Wall Clock, £65
Karlsson Flip Clock Minimal – Brass, £100
Karlsson Big Flip Clock – Wood, £295

6. Bin it!

Who said bins have to be boring? Not us!


Umbra Woodrow Waste Bin – Lavender, £20
Umbra Corner Can – Surf Blue, £15
Koziol Del Swing-Top Bin XS – Pink, £10
Umbra Couplet Can – Mint, £25
Umbra Skinny Bin – Red, £8
Cabo Waste Can – Copper, £39.95

7. Get a cool mug..

These bright and beautiful creations from Happy Jackson will be the envy of all your colleagues!

office 5Happy Jackson Nice Cup Of Tea Mug, £7.95
Happy Jackson Queen Of Awesomeness Mug, £7.95
Happy Jackson Coffee Yeah! Mug, £7.95
Roboutique Big Mug – Raptor, £10

8. …or an office pug

OK so not everyone is as lucky as us, but we can totally recommend getting your very own Waldo!

waldo 2

View our full range of office products here!

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