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Friday 3rd March 2017

Mum’s the Word – Top 10 mother’s day gifts 2017

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us! And don’t be fooled by the fact this year it falls late in the month (the 26th March, FYI) – as it’ll be here in no time!

And our mums, the magical beings that they are, never forget our birthdays or other important events. So now is the time to act kiddos! We’ve gathered a selection of lovely treats to show these wonderful women just how much we love them. We have something for all mums – the animal-loving mum, the craft-loving mum, the bookworm mum, snap-happy mum, and the wine-loving mum!

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1. LSA Polka Wine Glasses – Pastels – Set of 4, £29.50

These gorgeous glasses would make a lovely gift for any mum who enjoys a well-earned glass of wine on an evening! Plus with their gorgeous iridescent finish and hot designer credentials, they would make a fabulous present for house-proud mums who love to host! See our entire glassware collection here – including champagne flutes, wine carafes and even disco ball cups!


2. Umbra Hangit Desk Photo Display, £15

This cheerful photo display would make a fab gift for snap-happy mums! And why not make it even more personal by including her favourite photos with it? Being a desk-standing frame, it would be a gift for any mum who has a home office. Plus if any Dads are looking to buy a Mother’s Day gift on behalf of their toddler – this funky frame would look great with a child’s paintings! See all of our designer photo frames here.

umbra-hangit-desk-photo-display-3 copy

3. Umbra Icelet Rainbow Ring Holder, £10

Add some shine to your mum’s dressing table with this gorgeously iridescent jewellery tidy! It would make a lovely gift for any mum who keeps losing her precious rings! See our full collection of ring holders and jewellery stands here.


4. Scrabble Lights, £24

Create a unique and personalised lighting display for your ma with the wonderful Scrabble Lights! These novelty Scrabble letter lights will add cheerful character to any living room, and would make a perfect gift for houseproud mums!


5. Orange Fox Lamp, £27

Our selection of animal lamps are perfect for any animal loving mother! We have a fox, rabbit, elephant and even a selection of dinosaurs, including a brand new pink stegosaurus lamp!


6. Umbra Tuckit Photo Display, £28.50

Perfect for creative mums, this super chic felt memo holder utilises different materials and shapes to create a display which is completely unique. It can hold anything from photos to tickets, and from material samples to art pieces!


7. Karlsson Table Clock Book – Multicolour, £28

If your mum loves to get lost in a good book then this gorgeous pastel clock will be right up her street! This playful timekeeper would make a lovely addition to any coffee table, bookshelf or reading corner.
karlsson-table-clock-book-multicolour-18. Papa Peropon Drinking Animal Planters, £28 each

If your ma is a dog or cat lover then these adorable planters will be perfect for them! These super cute critters lap up water through their felt tongues in order to grow the seeds in their back into either a tasty wild strawberry plant (cat) or clover plant (dog). Magic! There are also mini versions if you’re looking for a cute “extra” pressie!

9. Black + Blum T-Loop Tealight Holder – Copper, £19.90

Looking for a glamorous present without the price tag? How about this curvaceous copper tealight holder? Ideal for mums who love cosy candlelit evenings or dinner parties!

10. Giant Thimble Tidies, £9.90 each

Brilliant for any craft-loving mums, these scaled-up thimbles can hold anything from knitting needles to pens.


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