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Wednesday 24th February 2016

The Mother of All Gifts: Mother’s Day Top 10

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Mother’s Day is nearly upon us kiddos! And this year it comes super early in March (the 6th FYI), which means that as soon as you turn over your calendar page, then WHAM, it’s right there!

And our mums, the magical beings that they are, never forget our birthdays or other important events. So now is the time to act my friend! We’ve gathered a selection of lovely treats to show these wonderful women just how much we love them. We have something for all mums – the baking-obsessed mum, the tea-loving mum, the snap-happy mum, the retro loving mum and the wine-loving mum!

And don’t forget to check our our full range of Gifts for Her here!

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1. LSA Polka Wine Glasses – Pastels – Set of 4, £27

These stunning glasses would make a lovely gift for any mum who enjoys a well-earned glass of wine on an evening! Plus with their gorgeous pearly finish and hot designer credentials, they would make a fab present for house-proud mums and keen dinner party hosts! And coincidentally, we’re currently giving away a set of these on Facebook for a Mother’s Day-themed competition – click here to enter! Ends Monday 29th so the winner has time to wrap them up for the big day!


2. Umbra Clothesline Shadowbox, £33

This funky photo display would make a fab gift for snap-happy mums! And why not make it even more personal by filling it before presenting her with it? Plus if any Dads are looking to buy a Mother’s Day gift on behalf of their toddler – these frames would look great with a child’s paintings in them!


3. Happy Jackson Queen Of Awesomeness Mug, £7.95

A phrase we all know to be true when it comes to Mums! They are our confidants, our best friends, actual superheroes, and, naturally: the Queens of Awesomeness! Just think how chuffed your ma will be to drink her favourite brew or hot choccie from this magnificent mug!



4. Giant Thimble Tidies, £10 each

Brilliant for any craft-loving mums, these scaled-up thimbles can hold anything from knitting needles to pens.


5. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser, £11

As many mum’s will tell you: behind every great mum is an equally great cuppa tea, so if yours is partial to fresh tea leaf infusions and quirky designs, then Baby Nessie will be right up her street! For more inspiration, check out our Coffee and Tea Lovers gift section!



6. Dip it Utensils Set, £28

One for the aspiring Mary Berry mums out there! This chic utensil set will help her in all her baking endeavors. For more inspiration, see our entire Keen Cooks and Bakers gift collection here.


7. Umbra Zoola Ring Holder – Brass Elephant, £8.50

This cute animal ring holder would make a lovely gift for any mum who keeps losing her precious rings! See our full collection of ring holders and jewellery stands here.

8. Viva Tea Pot, £28

Another one for the tea-loving mums! This gorgeous geometric pattern teapot is brand new for 2016.


9. Wild and Wolf 746 Phone – Copper, £49

Treat your retro-loving mum to a retro telephone! See our other retro gifts here.
10. Cheesecake Crunch Square Jar Candle, £12

This yummy luxury candle will create a lovely calming atmosphere for your mum to relax in. Plus, it’s inspired by cheesecake, and we British love cheesecake!

Need more inspiration?

Check out our full Gifts for Her range here!

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