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Wednesday 4th November 2015

Moustache Mania!

moustache mania
It’s November! A month famous for falling leaves, the calm before the Christmas madness, and lots and lots of dodgy facial hair!

In case you hadn’t guessed, we’re referring to the global fundraising campaign of Movember; which encourages men to grow a moustache for the month of November to raise both money and awareness for men’s health. Every year, men across the country sport various styles of facial fuzz, from the Ron Burgundy-esque taches to the classic handlebars – often with “mixed” results!

This has in turn led to the moustache motif becoming more popular! These dapper designs have even made their way into the Red Candy product offering – see below for these “fan-tache-tic” products!

And don’t forget to check out the Movember page and also their Mo Gear store – for moustache themed products where the cost goes towards charity!

Bowler Hat Moustache Wall Sticker Set, £21

Dress up your wall like the dapper gentleman it deserves to be with this charming wall decor.  A nod to English elegance, with a tongue firmly planted in cheek, this large Bowler Hat Moustache Wall Sticker Set could be stuck on your living room wall or maybe in an office window to demonstrate your love for face fuzz. 30% of the cost goes to Prostate Cancer UK.


Celebrate your love for taches, whether you’re a true fan or just being ironic, with the Mustache Mania Framed Print by artist Bianca Green!


Moustache Being Too Lazy Framed Print, £39.99

A must-have for fellas with facial fuzz, this witty print cannot fail to raise a smile! This quirky infographic quote poster features the phrase: ‘Being Too Lazy to Shave Your Face Is Your Brain’s Way of Tricking You into Becoming a Man’. Whether you see this as an inspirational quote or simply an excuse for not shaving, this comical print would look great in a bedroom or bathroom; next to the mirror where the tache grooming takes place!


Dandy Cuckoo Clock – Black
, £290

We moustache you a question! Have you seen a cooler clock than this?!

This designer wooden cuckoo clock is shaped like the iconic handlebars moustache famously worn by dandies in nineteenth century London. Therefore, much like the distinguished chaps who sported this trendy tache, this timekeeper will instantly give your home a sense of stature.



Moustache Life is Like Framed Print, £39.99

These days we have plenty of inspirational quotes to live our life by, but if you want something a bit more tongue in cheek than a quote about a glass which may or may not be full, then look no further than the Moustache Life is Like Framed Print!

‘Life is like a moustache. It can be wonderful or terrible but it always tickles.’ – As far as inspirational quotes go, it doesn’t get much better than this analogy from famous author, Nora Roberts. The word ‘moustache’ is even encased in a giant handlebars-style tache, which adds an extra infographic dimension to the print.




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