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Monday 24th April 2017

The Highlighter Of Our Month: National Stationery Week 2017

It’s National Stationery Week!

A whole seven days where we can shamelessly show our love for all-things-stationery (not that we need any encouragement!)  This is the third year of #NatStatWeek, and it comes with the very true motto: “You can never have too much stationery!” Find out more about the week here!

To celebrate this fun-filled week, we’ve put together our Top 5 stationery-inspired products – from a sharpener-shaped pen pot to a clock with a swinging ruler pendulum! And check out our entire range of desk organisers here!

1. Suck UK Double Sharpener Desk Tidy, £25

What better way to keep your pens and pencils in order than with a giant pencil sharpener pen pot? Also comes in a single version!suck-uk-double-sharpener-desk-tidy-1

2. BiC Pen Lid Holders, £12 each

Keep a lid on clutter with the BiC Pen Lid Holders! These funky desk tidies are the answer to all your pen storage needs at home or at the office! With their iconic design and vivid colours, they bring joy to BiC fans and nostalgics alike, whatever the age.bic lids

3. Umbra Clipper Hooks – Assorted Colours, £14.50

Hang your coats, bags and other accessories in metallic style with these quirky coat hooks – designed to look like three giant bulldog clips in brass, copper and black finishes!umbra-clipper-hooks-assorted-colours-12

4. Nextime Scholar Wall Clock, £29.95

This quirky stationery-themed pendulum clock is a multi-purpose gadget, which will not only keep you on time, but also provides a handy place to keep your pens and pencils!

nextime-scholar-wall-clock-1 copy

5. Bunny Scissors and Desk Organiser, £23.50

You’ll struggle to find a cuter desk companion than this adorable bunny-shaped desk tidy! This clever design comes in the shape of a standing rabbit – with the tops of the scissors forming his ears – holding an orange magnetic carrot and green paperclips.


We also stock a big bunch of funky pen pots and desk tidies – some of our favourites can be seen below! And check out the entire range here!

– Unicorn Pencil Holder, £14.50
– Seriously Tropical Pineapple Pen Pot – Pink
, £10
– Memo Mug, £12
– Block Sketch Desk Tidy – Blue, £24
– Umbra Trigg Desk Vessel – Set of 2, £40
– Cloud Pencil and Eraser Set, £9.95
– Giant Thimble Tidy – Silver, £9.90
– Whale Pencil Holder, £14.50
– Lucky Cat Pen Pot, £12.95

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