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Tuesday 4th June 2013

On red weddings and ruby weddings.

After last night’s game of thrones, I think we’ll definitely stick to furnishing ruby weddings rather than red weddings. I can imagine that for a game of throne’s style red wedding the gift guide would need to include chain-mail, shields and the odd crossbow or two.

Ruby weddings on the other hand tend to be a lot more genteel…..check out our ruby wedding gift guide below for some red wedding gift ideas! The red vases and red wine glasses also work perfectly well as complements to a red wedding theme. Think of red vases filled with red roses, pretty right?

Ruby Wedding Gift Ideas

Menu Double Candle Holder Red
£59 – redcandy.co.uk

LSA Odile Cased Red Vase
£42 – redcandy.co.uk

LSA Ania Berry Tumbler Set of 4
£15 – redcandy.co.uk

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