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Wednesday 14th January 2015

Pancake Day is only a month away: well, that really crêped up on us!

It’s nearly a month ‘til Pancake Day!

And this has got us talking about toppings, specifically: which is best. The Sweet vs. Savoury debate has gripped the nation for years, with neither side willing to surrender. And we thought we’d wade in on this discussion, and share a few of our favourite toppers for these glorious pan-made morsels!

We’d also love to know your topping of choice so please do comment on this post! :)

Lemon and sugar

Tasty but simple, lemon and sugar is a timeless classic. And why not mix it up like generations of Rachel’s family have, and try orange and sugar? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!



Chocolate and strawberries

Undoubtedly one of the tastiest topping combos in town. Mmmmm….




If savoury crêpes are more your bag, then feast your eyes on this mouth-wateringly-gorgeous offering!


Pancake-making toolkit

Pancakes are one of the tastiest treats you can make, so whichever topper tickles your fancy, make sure you have all your equipment at the ready!


Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus, £37.50

Bright, playful, easy to store, dishwater-friendly and full of functionality – what’s not to love!? This awesome set from Joseph Joseph contains five measuring cups, a small mixing bowl, a sieve, a colander and a large mixing bowl.


KitchenAid Utility Whisk & KitchenAid Silicone Mixing Spatula, £11 each

The whisk will help you whip up a storm in the kitchen, whilst the spatula will ensure those pesky pancakes don’t get stuck to the pan! Must-have items for pancake making and flipping!




Bugatti Vita CitrusJuicers, £149

If you like your pancakes lemony then make sure to get your hands on one of these juicy blenders! The Bugatti Vita Citrus Juicers come in a range of bright and beautiful colours, and are sure to make a lively impact on any kitchen worktop long after Shrove Tuesday has been and gone.

NB: chrome version costs £159


Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater, £9.20

There is no cooler way to create zest than with a hedgehog shaped cheesegrater. End of.


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