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Thursday 22nd November 2018

Rock Out With Your Cloth Out – Superstar Tea Towels

Sometimes, you just love an artist so much that you want your entire home to be covered in their merchandise. Posters, prints and vinyl. Well now, Red Candy is here to facilitate the combining of your favourite artists with one of the most important… I repeat, important home accessories there is…. The tea towel.

Now now, bare with me a second. How often do you use your tea towels really? Patting down a messy brew spill, check. Drying off your pots after a good wash, check. Even getting stuff out of the oven when you can’t seem to find your oven mitts (I’m pretty sure I saw the littleun using them as boxing gloves earlier).

They’re dead important bits of kit are tea towels. So we’ve decided to bring you some brill printed tea towels featuring some of our most favourite musicians ever. So without further ado…

Freddie Mercury Tea Towel

Freddie Mercury Tea Towel

A handy little coincidence, seeing as there’s a new biopic in the cinema about Freddie’s life. This little tea towel comes equipped with Freddie’s unmistakable barnet and Handlebar moustache intact. I’m picturing reenacting the ‘I want to break free’ video already. Check out the tea towel –

George Michael Tea Towel

George Michael Tea Towel

George was the quintessential 80’s heartthrob and an eventual gay icon. His work with wham helped define that 80’s sound you can’t help but shake your tush to. Get the tea towel here –

Ziggy Stardust (Bowie) Tea TowelZiggy Stardust Tea Towel

Bowie’s turn as Ziggy during the early ’70s was a real breath of fresh air in popular music. Embracing the slightly weird and the oddly surreal, Bowie made outcasts everywhere rejoice!

Mick Jagger Tea Towel
Mick Jagger Tea Towel

Mick, the man with the golden hips! Our man Mick has spent the last 50 years teetering at the top of every “worlds sexiest men” list on the planet. Get his saucy mug on a tea towel cheeky!

John Lennon Tea Towel

John Lennon Tea Towel

The quintessential scouser and might I say the sexiest of all The Beatles (Paul’s nice guy image was never really my cup of tea), John Lennon was the swaggering frontman of The Beatles and the eventual peace-pusher that the world needed.

Michael Jackson Tea Towel

Michael Jackson Tea Towel

Give Dirty Diana a wipe down with this super lush MJ Tea Towel. The King of Pop was always a divisive figure, however, his hits were absolutely undeniable. I’ve belted out Man in the Mirror on many a drunken karaoke session (God help you if you ever witness this in person). You should probably get this one for that MJ superfan in your life though, I highly recommend it!

Madonna Tea Towel


We’re mad on this Tea Towel (sorry, it’s been a long day). She’s an absolute babe, and certainly our favourite of all the 80’s pop princesses. Oozing with rebellion and churning out banger after banger. Have a look at the Tea Towel hun ?


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