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Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Spring Forward In Style!

Our clocks spring forward on Sunday! This might be bad news for our lie-ins but it does mean one thing: oh hi there Spring, you fine-looking season you!

To celebrate the arrival of this glorious season we have gathered a range of spring-themed timepieces: clocks featuring spring animals and timepieces in vibrant spring colours!

So if the prospect of turning your clocks forward makes your realise that your home could do with a new and stylish ticker, then look no further than the collection below or click here for our entire clock collection!

**Spring themed clocks**

Because nothing says “spring is here” like a clock bursting with butterflies, birds, or spring animals such as bunnies!

Spring clocks

Time2bugs Wall Clock – Green, £155
Butterfly Clock Red, £135
Time2bee Wall Clock – Orange, £145
Karlsson Woodpecker Clock – Brown, £59
Koziol Pi:p Olive Wall Clock, £29.90
Red Cucu Clock, £40
Bird Watching Cuckoo Clock, £380
Half Time Clock, £160
Cucu Home Cuckoo Clock, £240

We also love clocks in bright summery colours – hello sunny yellows, fresh greens and pale wood finishes!

clocks 2

Bimba Wall Clock – Orange, £220
Thomas Kent Clifton Clock – 20 inch, £100
Newgate Cubic II Alarm Clock – Lime Green, £25
Karlsson Origami Wall Clock – Pink, £40
Mountain Sunset Wall Clock, £135
Nextime Sun Clock – Turquoise, £79
Adjustable Petals Wall Clock – Red, £225
Newgate Mini Cookhouse Wall Clock – Squeezy Lemon, £40
Watch Me Wall Clock – Pink, £35

**Best selling clocks**

If you are in need of a new clock but butterflies and bunnies aren’t your cup of tea, then check out our other best-selling clocks below for inspiration! From designer brands such as Umbra, Thomas Kent, Karlsson and Newgate Clocks, these stylish tickers have been permanent fixtures on our best sellers list for the last few years! And Click here for our entire range of designer wall clocks!


Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock – Copper, £39
Koziol Pi:p Plum Wall Clock, £29.90
Newgate Putney Clock – Gloss Red, £92
Umbra Lingua Black Wall Clock, £29
Plug Inn Wall Clock Multi Colour, £59
Karlsson Wood Sunflower Clock, £59
Newgate Wimbledon Clock – Arabic, £97
Nextime Hands Clock – Black, £29.50
Thomas Kent Arabic Clock Duck Egg – 20 inch, £79

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