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Wednesday 12th August 2015

The elephant in the room…

It’s World Elephant Day!

Here at Red Candy we absolutely love these magnificent creatures – Rachel is particularly obsessed with them having visited an sanctuary in Thailand a few years ago!

To celebrate the day, we’ve put together our Big 5 Elephant Products – so if you love these gentle giants as much as us then check out the Nellie-themed goodies below!

And make sure you check out the great work that charities such as Save the Elephants are doing. World Elephant Day is so much more than a celebration of these beautiful creatures – it is about raising awareness about protecting them from extinction!

Red Candy’s Big 5 Elephant Products:

1. Jumbo Cutlery Drainer – Grey, £12.50

This wonderful creation from Luckies will quickly become your favourite kitchen companion! Jumbo is both cute and practical. Simply give him your washed cutlery and the excess water will drain out of his trunk! Clever eh? This cheerful design can also be used as a toothbrush holder, and also available in grey and cream.



2. Eric the Memo Elephant, £12.95

The phrase ‘elephants never forget’ has never been more true with little Eric here! You can write memos all over this cute ceramic elephant so even if you do forget that important message, you can be safe in the knowledge that Eric won’t. This cute creation from Luckies comes with a small cloth and pen, so you can get scribbling straight away!


3. Elephant Mirror Wall Stickers, £16

Who needs a boring square mirror when you can look at your reflection in this adorable herd of elephant mirrors? Set to delight both adults and children alike, this cute family of elephants will create a head-turning feature on any wall!



4. Pink Elephant Bookend, £18

Although elephants are notorious for creating a rumble in the jungle, this particularly elephant hates loud noises, and therefore makes sure she keeps your books standing upright on your shelf. This gorgeous Pink Elephant Bookend comes from designer Susan Bradley.



5. Safari Blackboard Wall Sticker, £50

Looking like a scene straight out of the Lion King, this awesome Safari Blackboard Wall Sticker from Brume is the perfect way to leave notes and lists in a fun and unusual way!


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