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Wednesday 5th August 2015

Red Candy’s Top 10 Weird Products


When sourcing our products we look for designs which are modern, colourful and, of course, quirky. We (and our customers) absolutely love products which are a little bit different. Products which start conversations, stop people in their tracks, and generally make us say  “Er… what?!”

Our customers often laugh when we tell them that one of our most popular products is black toilet roll, but to us, having a best-sellers list peppered with quirky creations is the norm!

But it did get us thinking: what are the ten weirdest products that we stock?

It was hard, but we have managed to compile a list of ten products which are so far outside the box, that we are beginning to wonder if the box ever existed. From the brilliantly bonkers to the downright bizarre, one thing is for sure: these products were created by designers who had their tongues firmly in cheek!

So sit back, relax, and get ready to embrace the wonderfully weird!

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Nessie has become something of an internet sensation since designers OTOTO released her into the wild. This cute take on the mythical Loch Ness Monster is a wonderfully weird product, which is also brimming with functionality. With Nessie on hand a legendary time in the kitchen is guaranteed! *ba dum tish*

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No combination of unusual products is complete without this imaginative clock design from Progetti! The Bird Watching Cuckoo Clock is possibly the most cuckoo of cuckoo clocks we’ve ever seen!

This completely unexpected design puts the cuckoo back into his natural habitat: a tree which is even made from natural lichen! And if this isn’t bizarre enough, Progretti has added an adjacent watchtower for the clock face, with two silhouetted bird enthusiasts waiting to catch sight of the bird with their cameras ready.

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One of our favourite product additions this year is the adorably whimsical Rainy Pot from Daily Life Lab! Designed to mimic natural rainfall, this ingenious indoor planter will not only keep your plants happy and healthy but is guaranteed to make your visitors stop and stare.

Consisting of a cloud-shaped container with five small holes which gradually release water in drips over your plants, this self-watering flower pot definitely ticks all the boxes in the unusual product stakes.

The Renova Black Toilet Paper has been a firm fixture on our Best Sellers list for several years now! Customers love our luxury tissue, and its quilted triple ply sheets of goodness.

And it’s not just our customers who are going potty for black bog roll; Simon Cowell apparently insists on it in all of his homes!  But if you fancy something a little bit brighter then good news! We also stock red, blue, green, pink, orange, purple and yellow!

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We’ve reached the half way point in our list of bonkers products, so it’s about time a product for the proverbial crazy cat lady showed up! This Cat Play House – Tank from Suck UK is a fun, innovative and downright hilarious play thing for your feline friends. We all know cats love a bit of adventure and also they cannot resist climbing into boxes, so this folding cardboard tank is the perfect toy!

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If you are looking for a product which has the “what on earth is that!?” factor, then look no further than this wonderfully weird juicer from Alessi! The Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer looks a bit like it should be in War of the Worlds rather than on your kitchen counter, but, nevertheless, it’ll get those lemons squeezed in no time at all!

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Given that it looks like one thing, and is in fact another, this Giant Champagne Cork Cooler from XL CORK has definitely earned a spot on our Most Unusual list. Shaped like an oversized champagne cork with a hollow centre for ice and bottles, this novelty ice bucket is eco-friendly, robust and 100% waterproof.

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This novelty knight egg cup gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘egg soldiers’! The Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon from Luckies is a great way of adding a fun twist to your breakfast. This cheerful design is full of character and is the source of endless puns – we’re not yolking!

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Another case of mistaken identity, this quirky creation looks exactly like a rock-hard tree stump, but is actually a velvety soft pouf! The Forest Stump Pouf from MeroWings is perfect for bringing a bit of nature inside your house! 


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The second entry for toilet humour to complete this wonderfully weird collection! The Pola Roll Toilet Paper Holder is a designed to look like a Polaroid camera, which dispenses instant loo roll instead of photographs! Plus, nothing will get your guests talking like a novelty loo roll holder!

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