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Tuesday 24th January 2012

Top Ten Tuesday – Designer Red Lounge Chairs

This week we’re looking to unwind at home whilst sheltering from the cold and rain, and what better way to do so than with a super unique and comfy lounge chair… in red? Read on to see our top ten picks for Top Ten Tuesday!

5. Matador Chair by Conran

8. Amoebe Highback by Verner Panton

10. Heart Cone Chair by Verner Panton

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  • Hi, we use a custom template, where you can upload your own background image and select colours etc. If you play around for a while you’ll find something you like :)

    Posted by Red
  • We all love a comfy designer lounge chair and this a great selection of modern classic and Bauhaus designs,this selectin does really refelect the beauty of style and fuctionality of modern classics and put it in the highest level of admiration .Thanks for sharing

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