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Tuesday 7th February 2012

Top Tuesday – Red Buildings

Nestlé Chocolate Factory, Brazil
This week we came across some nifty uses of red, not only for products, but on a larger scale! When it comes to architecture, what better way to stand out from the crowd, or cities as it may be, than to be flaunting in a ravishing red? Read on to see more buildings that make the most of this super hot colour!
Neuropsychiatric Centre Zaragoza, Spain
This psychiatric centre in Spain, has been made so that the differently pitched rooftops indicate how much mental activity takes place in which room.

Porta Fira Towers Barcelona, Spain
These two buildings house a hotel on the left and offices on the right and linked by a ground floor atrium.

Serpentine Gallery Paviolion, Kensington Gardens, London.
Unfortunately this was only a temporary build for the Serpentine Gallery, but it certainly was eye-catching!

Formosa 1140 West Hollywood, California
This is an eleven-unit housing project which emphasizes the central importance of shared open space for the residents and the community.

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