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Thursday 3rd March 2016

For the love of books! World Book Day 2016

It’s World Book Day! A celebration of those rather marvelous things we call books!

And here at Red Candy, we bloomin’ love a good bit of lit! Whether it’s a crime thriller, an epic romance, or a fantasy novel, chances are one of the Red Candy team will have their nose stuck in one this evening.

Here are our favourite page turners:

world book day team

And looking at our product range – our love of books really shows! From floating bookshelves to book-shaped clocks, we have something for every book lover! So if you’re on the hunt for a funky home accessory which will show off your love of lit (as if the mini library you’ve crafted in your living room wasn’t evidence enough…), then check out our top picks below!

And don’t forget to check out the official World Book Day website – this is the 19th year of this wonderful celebration, which aims to encourage children to read more; they even give out free book tokens to schools and nurseries! World Book Day: we salute you!




1. Karlsson Table Clock Book, £25

Vibrant, bold and fun; this colourful clock is a must-have for anyone who can easily get lost in a good book, and could do with an easy way of keeping track of time! And coincidentally, we’re currently giving away one of these lovely timekeepers on Facebook for a World Book Day-themed competition – click here to enter! Ends midday on Monday 7th March 2016.


2. Umbra Conceal Bookshelf – Small, £10.50

This simple yet ingenious design creates the powerful illusion of books seemingly floating in piles all up and across your walls, and is unsurprisingly a firm fixture in our best sellers list. Plus levitating books are ideal for Harry Potter fans – Wingardium Leviosa!


3. Suck UK Book Rest Lamp, £39

Ever seen a lamp which doubles up as a bookmark? No? Then let us introduce you to the Suck UK Book Rest Lamp! This innovative creation is shaped like a traditional detached house; the perfect shape to rest your book, open at the page you stopped reading at.


4. Evolution Book Ends – Black, £21.50

Inspired by the notion that reading makes us more knowledgeable and therefore helps us evolve, these Evolution Book Ends in Black are a fun but practical bookshelf accessory!


5. Umbra Conceal Vertical Book Display, £14.50

This wonderfully inventive design allows bookworms to display their favourite book like a cherished piece of art. This wall mounted book holder will also help you get creative with your wall space, whilst keeping your most prized pictorial book candy close to hand.


6. Campervan Magazine Racks, £19

Keep your travel books and magazines tidy and add a retro style icon to your home at the same time, with these funky magazine holders.


7. Stairway Bookend, £79.95

If you have a penchant for industrial style home decor then this unique bookend will be right up your street!


8. Block Bookends – Orange and Blue, £20

This vibrant pair of ABC bookends looks fabulous in any modern space and will add a splash of colour to the room!


9. Knowledge in the Brain Bookends, £139

If you’re an avid book reader looking for a luxury statement piece for your living room then look no further! These modern head-shaped book ends are a literal representation of the knowledge gained from reading; complete with an inset geometric golden brain design.

bookend heads

10. Susan Bradley London Text Bookend, £18

This trendy typography bookend from Susan Bradley is perfect for both London lovers and book fanatics alike.


Click here to view our whole range of book themed products!

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