Red Candy's Birthday Comp!

WE ARE 12!

Ah, remember being twelve? That one pubic hair and SATs. Exciting stuff, right?

So here is an invitation addressed to you, doodled with felt tip pens from Biology class, to our party! And we’re giving you the best party bag ever!

It contains SIX sassy, fabulous and super-duper products worth £270 that we are GIVING AWAY to one lucky customer. Each one has been chosen by one of the team so you can get a taste of our individual mad and slightly misunderstood minds!

We are more excited than a squirrel with a giant Brazil nut, so keep scrolling to find out what’s included in our epic party bag and how to enter. It’s as easy as a game of musical chairs! Actually those are really not easy…


For a chance to win this haul of goodies, all you need to do is enter your name and email address in the form on the right-hand side, click ‘Enter Competition’, and that’s it! As easy as stealing candy from an Andy.

Then we’ll lay all the names out and get a dove to swoop down and pick one at random. If yours wins, we’ll contact you by carrier pigeon by Monday 4th October.

This competition closes on Thursday 30th September.


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Birthday Bundle Prizes
The Red Candy Team!



Andy’s Pick – Retro TV Storage Stand – value £65
I bloomin’ love this Retro TV Storage Stand as it puts me fully in charge of what’s on the box! Tonight it’s “Vase Attacks”, followed by “Mr Robook”, then my personal fave – “Cat of Duty”.

James’ Pick – Mr Bookish Table Lamp – value £36
I chose this little fella as my last lamp kept running away whereas Mr Bookish sits patiently waiting for me to finish reading my book. If he tries to run… I’ll turn him into kindling like the last

Ed’s Pick – Mr Sitty Planter – value £27.50
I chose Mr Sitty Planter because he’ll never stand me up

Tallulah’s Pick – Tiffany’s Trinket Tray – value £29
I chose Tiffany because I want people to think I’ve shrunk a mouse lady and put her in a tiny bath!




Ryan’s Pick – Rock Cake Double Oven Glove – value £23.50
All the fun of being inked-up like a legendary rock music roadie, while making sure my cupcakes don’t burn! Plus a list of parody band names that even novice metalheads will cackle at!

Maggie’s Pick – Tallulah the Teal Highland Cow Footstool – value £89
The Tallulah footstool is my favourite because she lets me put her feet on her. When I put my feet on the real Tallulah, she files a complaint with HR. Rude!


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