Red Candy Competition is Closed


This September marks a big birthday for us at Red Candy! That’s right, we are turning 10 YEARS OLD!!! Can you believe it?! (we certainly can’t!)!

In the lead up to our big day, we kept thinking about what we want, what we really really want! So, we’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want (Okay, we’ll stop now :P)! To celebrate the big 10, we want YOU to enter into our biggest birthday giveaway yet! One lucky winner will be taking home a party parcel worth over…. dramatic pause… £500!!!

We have selected 10 of our absolute favourite items, which best represent the fun & colourful quirky world of Red Candy! We’ve come a long way since our “red only” days and we want you to pop open a present of the most playful and pleasant products! If you want to be part of the massive celebration, keep scrolling to find out what’s included in our big beautiful bundle and how to enter!!


For a chance to win these glorious goodies, all you need to do is enter your name and email address in the form on the right-hand side, click ‘Enter Competition’, and that’s it! You’ve done it!!

We’ll be in touch with you at the end of the competition should your name be picked in our random draw. Also, keep an eye out on our social media channels as well as our weekly emails for bonus ways to enter!

This competition closes on Monday 30th September, and the lucky winner will then be randomly selected and informed by Friday 4th October.


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1. Benton the Bull Footstool – £85.00
Who needs cake when you can have your very own Benton? Like a bull in a china shop, this guy has turned our world upside down and always manages to amoose us!

2. Cathy the Cow Footstool – £69.00
We are udderly in love with this legen-dairy lass! Known as Benton’s better half, this black and white cutie is always up for a spot of mischief!

3. Baabara Toilet Paper Holder – £26.50
If ewe haven’t herd of this baa-rilliant beauty, it’s time to get with the programme! If you win this little lamb, there’s no doubt that people will be flocking to your loo!

4. Hello Goodbye Doormat – £19.00
Greet your guests in the best way possible, and then shoe them out of the door with a lasting impression!

5. House Planter – £14.50
What a fantastic home for your foliage to flourish! The only problem with this stunning planter is that it’s not big enough for us to move in too!


6. T-Rex Orange Dino Lamp – £33.50
We believe fun and colourful lighting will never go extinct and if your style is prehistoric, this roarsome lamp will brighten your interior!

7. Freddie Mercury & David Bowie Tea Towels – £25.00
It’s our party and we dry if we want to! But between Mercury and Bowie, how can you pick just one? Lucky for you, we can’t! We’re including both rock stars in this giveaway, while we daydream about the two of them serenading us with a rocking rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

8. Orange Karlsson Mini Flip Wall Clock – £187.00
We flipping love this clock! This is probably our favourite item up at Red Candy HQ! Not only is it amazing and orange, but it also tells us when it’s time to clock off!

9. Pulp Fiction Cushion – £38.00
A cult classic turned into a crazy cool cushion is a definite must-have! This peppy padding will spruce up your tired old settee.

10. CorkFrame (Square) – £55.00
It’s time to pop the cork…up on your wall! Who wouldn’t be mesmerised by this memo board?! This CorkFrame board has been a lifesaver for us and we hope it helps you to de-clutter any chaotic correspondence!