Red Candy 9th Birthday Competition!

We Are Turning 9! WIN One of FIVE Hoagard World Maps!

Summer is coming to a close! We know… It’s always a little sad to say goodbye to the sun. However, Red Candy have teamed up with our wonderful partners at Hoagard to celebrate our birthday and to hopefully give you a little bit of pre-autumn joy! In this competition, we give YOU the chance to win one of the fantastic Hoagard World Maps that have been absolutely flying off our shelves. This wonderful piece of wall décor has a geometric design that looks fantastic on any wall!

Hoagard is an exciting brand that has designed some wonderful products that we have been stocking for a while now. Their range includes a variety of fabulous geometric wall art pieces that can’t help but grab your attention.

We’ve teamed up with this amazing company to offer you the chance to win one of five Geometric World Maps! That’s right, you have five chances to win this fantastic prize!
Winning one of these amazing geometric world maps is sure to kick start your autumn with a bang. It may even encourage you to book that exciting trip away you’ve been dreaming of! GOOD LUCK!

How to Enter

To be in with a chance of winning one of these amazing prizes, all you need to do is enter your name and email address in the form on the right hand side, click ‘Enter Competition’, and that’s it! Simple!

We’ll be in touch with you at the end of the competition should your name be picked in our random draw. This competition closes on Friday 5th October, and the lucky winners and runners up will then be randomly selected and informed by Friday 9th February.


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Red Candy 9th Birthday

Re-live Your Travels at Home…

Hoagard is an absolutely wonderful brand that we have simply fallen in love with. We’re enamoured by their wonderful range of metal wall art that can’t help but draw the attention of anybody that sees them (trust us, we have a couple in our office 😉). They’re based in Turkey, and their incredible designers work with high quality metals to create wall décor you will absolutely love.

The prize for this competition is one of our favourite Hoagard pieces. We’ve had it in stock for a short while now, and it’s already become one of our best selling products! The World Map is the perfect piece for those whose hearts and minds are always travelling. For the people who absolutely must see every square inch of this planet, and want to have fun doing it in the process. The World Map can be used to highlight the places you’ve visited, and the roads still left to travel. Simply hang it up on the wall, and surround it with your favourite holiday snaps. Once you’ve run out of pictures to hang, you’ll feel inspired to take even more!


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