The wonderful world of Hoagard was founded in 2014 by two young entrepreneurs, Ali Bedrettin Boz and Çağrı Ayten, in Denzil, Turkey.  Inspired by patterns and geometry that appear within the natural world, and combined with strong architectural lines, the Hoagard range of wall decor has an entirely unique feel to it which can be considered both complicated and minimalist.

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  • Geometric World Map

    A perfect reminder of places been, and roads still left to travel!
  • Mask of Redemption

    You’ve uncovered a terrific artefact with our Mask of Redemption wall décor!
  • Mask of Salvation

    Get face to face with our amazing Mask of Salvation!
  • Mask of Captivity

    Free your home from the restraints of convention with this stunning Mask of Captivity wall décor!
  • Stay Weird Sign

    Flaunt your strange with our ‘Stay Weird’ Wall décor!
  • Geometric Lines Wall Decor

    Bring some geometric abstract art to your wall in metal form!
  • Geometric Flamingo

    Bring a wild look to your home with this Flamingo metal wall art!
  • Geometric World Map - White

    Boost those travelling aspirations with this stylised world map!
  • Geometric World Map - Bronze

    The world is yours - or at least in geometric form!
  • Geometric World Map - Gold

    Add some travelling bling to the wall with this golden Geometric World Map!
  • Golden Fish Wall Decor

    Add a SPLASH of character to your home with our gorgeous Golden Fish Wall Décor!
  • Orme Tree Wall Decor

    Branch out into a world of quirky home accessories with the help of this Orme Tree Wall Décor!
  • Milky Way Wall Decor

    The Geometric Milky Way wall décor is quite literally OUT OF THIS WORLD!
  • Mondrian World Map

    Striking wall art, or unique memo-board - you decide!
  • Geometric Skull

    Bring a touch of the marvellously macabre into your home!
  • Geometric Bird

    Give your home the style TWEETment with our Geometric Bird Wall Décor!
  • Geometric Eagle

    Watch out, there’s a Geometric Eagle about!
  • Geometric Giraffe

    Bring a feel of the Savannah home with this striking Geometric Giraffe wall décor!
  • Geometric Panda

    Warning! This amazingly adorable wall piece is likely to cause PANDAmonium amongst your house guests!
  • Geometric Pineapple

    Get your piña coladas ready and tropic like it’s hot with the Geometric Pineapple Wall Décor!
  • Geometric Frida Kahlo

    Celebrate the life of the Feminist icon Frida Kahlo with this geometric wall art.
  • Geometric Unicorn

    Give your room a dose of fantasy with this striking Unicorn wall art!
  • Geometric Tiger

    Get wild at home with the captivating Geometric Tiger wall décor!
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