Orange Kitchen Accessories

Create a kitchen warmer than the setting sun with our outrageous orange kitchen accessories. If you like your kitchens more orange than, well, an orange, then look no further for exciting products which will add that funky edge to the room.

From pumpkin to tangerine, our striking orange kitchen appliances will accentuate all shades of orange décor. From innovative designers Bugatti, Guzzini, Kenwood and Wesco, our orange baking, cookery, and general kitchen accessories are ideal for brightening up your kitchen space. If you’re looking to completely kit your kitchen out in orange, or just to add a new bright and bold accessory, then check out our range of orange kettles, food mixers, toasters and even bins. And is there a more perfect way to make fresh orange juice than the orange-coloured Vita Citrus Juicer from Bugatti?!

Orange accessories match with a number of styles, from neon to retro. It creates a welcoming kitchen with warm colour – what’s not to love?

So fill your kitchen with a-peel-ing orange, you know you want to!

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  • Karoto Vegetable Peeler

    Impress your dinner guests with a garnish of vegetable spirals using this novelty sharpener!


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