A Man’s Man Candle

A Man's Man Candle

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  • ItÕs a bro thing
  • Smells like mainstream adventure
  • No need to mansplain, weÕre all buds here
  • Dimensions: 17oz

product info

Candles are not just for women, and we are here to prove it! All insecurities can be quashed, as now men can smell how men should smell with this ‘Man’s Man’ Candle. I know you’re dying to fill the room with the smell of aftershave and smelly socks, golf courses and gas (we mean the gas you put in cars, but now you mention it, they also definitely smell like the other gas).

Smells like an apple being cut up with an army knife, or a good, sweaty hike. Much like Yorkie bars, this candle is just for men, so hands and noses off ladies, your ‘woman’ scent is right around the corner. Take a hike. Oh, actually don’t, that’s just for us.

A Man’s Man Candle Specifications

  • Material: Glass, Soy Wax
  • Colour: Blue - duh! That's a boy's colour
  • Smells like a freshly made campfire (with self-starting fire logs and a lighter)
  • Net Weight: Approximately 17 oz.
  • Burn time: 60 hours
  • Product Code: WR1-MAN-C
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