Chill Pill Socks [D]

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Woah dude, relax, take a chill pill!

How dare you say that to me. I am your mother!

I’ll say what I will!

Would you say this to any other?

It was just a small spill!

Yes, but there will be another!

Stop the shouting so shrill.

Can’t you be like your brother?

He who you smother?

Your words make me ill!

And yet I do not stutter

You’d better take cover

Why, my dear mother?

Because it’s your turn now to take a chill pill!

This is your calling card to leave home and start a sock brand. Or maybe just wear these socks to passive aggressively tell everyone to chill out. There is literally no way to say it that won’t make them want to drop a table on your toes.

Chill Pill Socks specifications

  • Material: Cotton, polyester, elastante
  • Colour: Blue, pink
  • Dimensions: Adult one size fits all / 23cm x 11cm x 9cm
  • 1 pair of over the calf socks
  • Product Code: EMSNOCCHPI
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