Chocolate Cake Socks [D]

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Well, batter me up and bake me because I’m CAKED in these delicious socks.

Let it be known chocolate cake is the best kind of cake and if you disagree with me, you’re wrong. Don’t believe me? I’m CHOC full of reasons why. It’s the classic go-to cake. The one you can rely on. If you’re having a bad day, eat some chocolate cake and you’ll feel better. If you’re worried about “eating healthy” or whatever they call it these days just know chocolate has antioxidants!

That means it is also the healthiest cake you can eat. Have I sold you the allure of chocolate cake yet? Yay! Let’s celebrate our shared love of chocolate cake with these matching chocolate cake socks I’ve found!! They’re so comfy, I promise.

Chocolate Cake Socks Specifications

  • Material: Cotton, polyester, elastante
  • Colour: Brown
  • Product Code: EMSNOCACH
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