Fuck Off Bottle Stopper [D]

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Do you ever have those difficult dinner guests that you’re desperate to kick out as soon as they arrive? Abel, who can’t eat anything from a packet, Travis who constantly fiddles with the music and won’t just let the playlist play! And of course, Bryony, the ‘let’s play a game!’ guest, who will hold an eight-year grudge if she doesn’t win the twentieth round of Trivial Pursuit.

Finally you can say EFF OFF without saying EFF OFF with this passive aggressive bottle stopper. You can relax in your seat and carefully position this bottle stopper right towards Abel’s smug little face and casually flip 'em all the bird. That’s not me, that’s the drink talking!

Who knew booze could be so rude…?

Fuck Off Bottle Stopper specifications

  • Material: Porcelain, cork
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 3.3cm x 4.3cm x 10.4 cm
  • Product Code: DON1-200551
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