Fuck Off Multicolour Socks

Fuck Off Multicolour Socks [D]

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These are my mean socks. They speak on my behalf, so I don’t have to be mean. I could be smiling around town, cracking jokes and being charitable, all while my socks say how I’m really feeling. Speak to the socks coz the face ain’t listenin’.

These white socks with a colourful f*ck off will help you un-furrow that rain-BROW and give a little vibrant love, even when you’re telling people to leave you alone! And if it all gets too much, it just takes one simple phrase, “look at the socks” and boom, you have peace.

A great present for any cranky old hag or hog who could probably use a bit of soap in that mouth. Leave it to the socks.

Fuck Off Multicolour Socks specifications

  • Material: Cotton, polyester, spandex
  • Colour: White, rainbow
  • One size: 41 – 45
  • Product Code: FIS-SB1111
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