Happy Jar [D]

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This is the jolliest of jars. The angry jars glare at him, wanting to feel the same warmth and contentment, but how can they while they’re holding dry pasta and boring bread? No wonder this jar is so happy, it’s storing all the cookies! If you don’t watch out, it’ll be a chubby jar, then where are you gonna store the scones?

This shallow storage pot is a sensational addition to your kitchen. With a cute double handle for its ears and sweet dimples, you won’t be able to help yourself from reaching your hand into its jolly belly and retrieving a sweetmeat for yourself.

Get your hands on the cookie jar before it gobbles them all up!
Happy Jar specifications

  • Material: Stoneware
  • Colour: Green, brown, red, blue
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 13cm
  • Product Code: KL1-1456-03
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