Just Text Me Doormat [D]

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This is the real introvert’s doormat. The crème de la crème of shyness. The real Mc-SHHH!

With its subtle writing and brown coir material, it even sounds quiet while reading it in your head. I can image the grimace and feel the lack of eye contact. I think I’ll just turn around and come back… never. A text will have to do.

For that intense introvert who always instructs the food deliveries to be left on the doorstep, and all deliveries to go to their parents’ place so they don’t have to sign for it. That would be WAY too many awkward pleasantries.

Just Text Me Doormat specifications

  • Material: Natural coconut coir
  • Colour: Brown, black
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm
  • Product Code: TYPO-TEXTME
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