Mini Plant Life Support [D]

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  • YouÕre not a plant mum until you have one of these in your garden shed
  • Plant deaths? LEAF us out of it! ItÕs not like we didnÕt peTELL you about our self-watering device
  • Go and drip on something your own size
  • Dimensions: 100ml

product info

We’ve got another one! They’re dropping like flies! This one is a juvenile, we’re gonna loose it if we don’t act immediately. It looks like it has a case of the drought, which seems to be a bit of a pandemic in this continent of the house. We need to STEM the blood, quickly! Starting petal compressions.

This is not going to save it, this little plant is severely dehydrated, we’re gonna need a drip. That’s it! Bring the Mini Plant Life Support over here and place the needle directly into the soil. Just fill it up, there we go. It’s working! Just watch its little leaves uncurl. Gee, you scared us there, but now I can see some real colour coming into your leaves.

Revive your plants and make sure they never see drought quite so extreme as this little one!

Mini Plant Life Support specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Dimensions: 100ml
  • Contents: 1 x 100 ml IV bag, 1 x metal peg, 1 x valve, 1 x dripper
  • Product Code: BUB1-21119
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