Mr Dangly Planter - Green [D]

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  • Break up your home dynamic with this handsome, charismatic planter
  • HeÕll be the envy of all your planters
  • Kick up your heels and be proud of Mr Dangly
  • Dimensions: 21.5cm x 17cm x 22cm

product info

A new planter? What are you trying to do? Break my heart? Don’t even think about replacing me with this guy, this is my pad! Aren’t I good enough for you? Don’t I provide your plants with shelter, food and soil? What can Mr Dangly do that I can’t, huh? Swing his legs on your counter? I can do it too, watch!

Well… I can’t quite do that, but I can care for your Geraniums, massage their leaves. Can he do that? No! Okay… well I can’t hold water like that, it’s true, but I look great! I can make you laugh! Okay, well I’m funny in a different way…

Please, please don’t leave me for him. Anyone but Mr stupid Dangly Legs. I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done to wrong you, just don’t replace me with this planter! This is ridiculous. I’m leaving. I’ll find myself a new Bougainvillea to take care of who will appreciate me for the simple planter I am.

Mr Dangly Planter - Green Specifications

  • Material: Ceramic, metal
  • Colour: White, green
  • Dimensions: 21.5cm x 17cm x 22cm
  • Product Code: BAL1-27530
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